It’s 3am…

It’s 3am, I can’t sleep, these are my thoughts:

  • Went to Billy  Joel’s 65th Birthday Concert at MSG. Amazing night.  Although I had no idea I was going until 5pm that night as I scrambled for a sitter, someone to pick up my kids at a birthday party, shower, blow out my hair and make it a 6:17 train, I somehow pulled it together. Life is so weird like that, I thought it was an ordinary day in the life and all of a sudden I am at MSG singing Piano Man with thousands of people. A great friend is a row a head of up me, never saw her. Judd Apatow and Paul Rudd, 4 rows in front of me. Never saw them either. There is nothing better than going to a concert when you know every single song and the entire audience is unison. Makes for a pretty sick night. My only call outs were that he should have played for another hour, I thought there would be other musical guests AND he should never have played Scandinavian Skies. I do not think 3/4 of the audience ever heard the song. It should have been Miami 2017 (my all time fave). Although it did make for a great bathroom break.


  • Do I need to stock up NOW on those special Ziplock bags from Shoprite that I used last year to pack some of Zach’s camp gear?  Last year was a nightmare. Shoprite ran out, Target ran out. I live my life last-minute. Do I really need to deal with that now? ziplocks
  • What happened to the Livingston High School superintendent? Is he on an island somewhere? It has been almost 3 weeks since we got the email that he is taking a leave for personal reasons. Okay. Why? Nobody seems to know but everyone seems to quietly want an answer. Is this going to be one of those let’s not talk about it and pretend it will go away kind of think? Hmm, so weird.
  • Is it okay to eat avocado and grilled chicken in the same salad or is that too fattening? I know avocado is a good fat but I can never judge how much avocado is OKAY to eat since it is already sliced! Like in this gorgeous salad I ate at Cocco Bello. by the way – apple cider vinegar with Dijon dressing. To  DIE FOR!


  • Speaking of salads – Everybody MUST go to Vita Organic and get their chicken salad. I promise you will be texting, emailing me how incredible this chicken salad mayo. Thank you JR for introducing me to one of my new favorite lunches. I am still wondering what is in that chicken salad?? IMG_5611
  • Jay-Z and Solange. DO NOT CARE. please make the story go away.
  • I wrote an entire blog on the toilet roll situation in my house and Greg STILL puts the god damn toilet paper on the top of the dispenser. IS IT SO HARD TO CHANGE IT??? (love you GS)
  • I love 60 minutes. It is one of my favorite hours of television (besides Game of Thrones and The Americans right now). If you have not watched the segment Living to 90 and beyond, STOP whatever you are doing after you read this and click on this link. Probably one of the best segments I have seen in a while. Basically I learned that if I drink wine, drink coffee, have a social life, workout and have sex I should live past 90. Wow looks like I may live to be 200. If drinking, exercising, socializing and fucking is the golden ticket to a long life, I am SO IN. Do not miss this:
  • I am super excited to add a shop section to my blog. So many great things out there, love discussing them, why not make it easy and have you purchase it them here, right?
  • I haven’t seen a good movie in a while. I have no idea why they had to remake Godzilla for the millionth (is that a word?) time . I am 50 pages into The Invention of Wings and I can’t decide whether to put it down or keep going…. Everyone is saying to keep going, does it pick up??
  • I do not watch TV during the day, EVER. I always wonder if people watch soap operas anymore during the day? My mother used to watch them all the time! I find it FASCINATING that people watch TV during the day, I really do. Not a bad thing, just fascinating. Like everyday at 1:00pm, do people turn on Days of Our Lives and watch it for an hour? Or do they tape it and watch it later? Do people even watch Days of our Lives? I assume they must if it is still on the air but WHO is watching it? Inquiring minds want to know!


okay it is 4am, need to get up for a very important day, must try to fall back to sleep!


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  1. Tamara

    ha! we could have texted at 3…i’m so often up with random thoughts! i’m loving the live to 90 plan. have a great day 🙂

    May 15, 2014 • 6:45 am •
  2. I decided to add a new category (and take a few away) …3am with Amy Selling. Since I don’t sleep at that time, may as well chat with whoever is up!

    May 15, 2014 • 7:52 am •