Lulu’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Even though dads are much more difficult to shop for then moms, I’ve searched high and low for the best presents for men.  On my journey, I came up with an awesome list of items that are sure to get a lot of use — whether they’re in the garage, the gym, on the golf course or in the backyard… Read More

Lulu’s College Gift Guide 2018

The end of high school is near but the best chapter is about to begin! Celebrate their achievement with some of these AMAZING college gifts! All of the items can be done in ANY COLLEGE! Just specify after clicking the link which college. Please note most of these gifts are personalized and take 2-5 weeks depending on the style. Worth… Read More

Sunday Thoughts 5.20.18

I was left alone today for a few hours so I figured I would share my thoughts…it’s been awhile… 1) Are you following DILFS of Disneyland on Insta? Follow stat. I am not sure who created this account but it’s gold. I mean some of the dads do NOT deserve the right to be featured but others… 2) SiriusXM has… Read More

Beauty that makes a difference!

Aren’t we all doing it? Quietly walking through life as if every day is groundhog day. Wake, get kids off to school, exercise (maybe), go to work or do errands, pick up kids, eat dinner, sleep, repeat. Most of us are half asleep at the wheel. We all “know” our life can change in an instant but until it really… Read More


At this point, I think we should all just buy ourselves a Mother’s Day gift and call it a day. I have been asking for a makeup mirror to be installed in my bathroom for 10 years, so you know what, this Mother’s Day I am going to install it myself. As I was looking for a new makeup mirror,… Read More

CAMP FAVES 2018!!!

I know it doesn’t feel like is camp is less than 70 days away with this horrific weather BUT IT IS! Ready or not, it’s time to get the kids in gear. Speaking of gear, I have put together all my favorite camp goodies for 2018! From clothing, to bunk junk, to stationary, it’s ALL HERE! THERE IS A TON… Read More


Once you start wearing leggings as pants, there’s not really any going back. So whether you wear leggings to workout in or just because they are so much more comfortable than jeans, here are the hottest styles for spring 2018! Plus a few workout tops you may never want to take off! AND tennis too! They are all available in… Read More

Lulu’s DO’S and DON’TS of FLYING

When I became a travel agent two years ago, I knew I would be stepping up my travel but I didn’t realize how much flying I would actually be doing. I have written some of my random flight rants on Facebook but I felt it was time to really hand out my Do’s and Don’ts of FLYING. This is not… Read More


On this snow day, all I can think about is the beach. Thank gd spring break is around the corner! If you are anything like me, you want to at have at least one new item to bring away with you. Even if it’s a pair of new sunglasses. If you are headed somewhere warm, I found these super chic… Read More

How I lost my children to Fortnite

Sometime around November/December the kids slowly started spending more and more time in the basement. I figured they were playing Call of Duty or the new Madden game they got for Hanukkah. Nope. Three hundred dollars in video games for Hanukkah and my kids were playing the game that cost zero. A downloadable XBox game called Fortnite: Battle Royale. It… Read More


As much as I dread writing this post ( Ugh, Valentine’s Day), I did put together an adorable little gift guide for those love bugs in your life. Although, I still think the best gift you can give someone you love is always a new playlist. Last year I gave you mine but it’s still a good one! Check it…… Read More


It’s cold as fuck outside which makes me want to go NOWHERE. I kind of want to get back in bed but in my own crazy mind I would feel guilty doing that so I’m huddled around a space heater in my office wondering what new Netflix series to begin. The deal Greg and I made 10 years ago was… Read More

A Visit to the Waldorf Astoria, Park City

Last week I did a quick visit to the Waldorf Astoria in Park City, Utah with a few Smartflyer agents. I was super excited to go because if you are a skier, you know, there is nothing better than skiing out west. I actually started to write an entire blog post on Aspen (visiting both winter and summer) in the… Read More

Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – The Adult Version

Welcome to Cyber Monday, the only way to shop (unless you are buying ski boots). I have rounded up my FAVORITE Holiday Gifts of 2017!! If you missed the kids/tween, etc version, you can click here “Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide – The Kid/Teen/College/Teacher Version“. The deals online are insane so grab them while you can! Happy Shopping!