The Affair Season 2, Episode 8 – Let’s Discuss!!!


For the first time in The Affair’s history, it opens in the future unclear of whose POV it is, yet.  The flash forward takes place in Gottlieb’s office with his associate trying to figure out what exactly happened the night of Scotty’s murder. After watching that video, Gottlieb puts together a theory about Alison and Scotty having a fling one night,… Read More

Lulu’s Thanksgiving 2015 Recipes!


As I started to write the menu for Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to come up with a few new dishes that I didn’t share last year(except the cornbread). Thanksgiving for me is always that meal I love eating but feel so guilty after I consumed 20 glasses of wine and 9,000 calories. There is no shot I am giving… Read More

The Affair Season 2, Episode 7…Let’s Discuss!!!


After watching these horrible Thanksgiving dinners, I am THANKFUL mine should be nothing like this (or jeez I hope). PART ONE : ALISON The Book Party First let’s get the timeline straight. Alison is very much pregnant, like 5 months or 6 months and it’s Thanksgiving. Somehow, Someway Noah’s book has been published and its available in bookstores in record… Read More

Siphon Brewing at Home


It seems crazy I have gone this long without ever discussing “coffee” with you. Considering my blog is called Lulu and Lattes (lattes, as in I have one everyday), I felt it was time to discuss my new favorite coffee machine, the KitchenAid Siphon Brewer. I will tell you straight off the bat, this is not a K-cup, get your… Read More

The Affair Season 2, Episode 6 – Let’s Discuss!!!


Only three episodes left this season! A few things about this episode, I loved the Sebastian Junger cameo, I was so relieved when there was a time span of 6 weeks between Helen and Noah’s POV’s as I did not want to relive the whole hospital scene again AND it turns out Noah & Alison’s marriage is based on one… Read More

The DOG Guide


The Pet Guide (aka as the Dog Guide for now) was formed on the Hot List after bringing Griffin home a year and a 1/2 ago. I was adamant about two things when we decided to welcome Griffin : Training & Socializing. WALTER THE DOG WHISPERER I went on a real life man hunt searching for the ultimate dog trainer and we… Read More

Yoga Rant for the Day…


I signed up for this November 20 for 30 yoga challenge at Power Flow. Basically what that means is that I have to complete 20 days of yoga in 30 days.  I stopped doing everything else for a month and I have committed myself entirely to yoga. Today was my 4th yoga class since I started Sunday (I skipped yesterday)…. Read More



It’s almost the holidays!!! Looking for holiday gifts, teacher gifts or just a place to find some great finds!? I know the place…Mi Casa!   CORY VINES INCREDIBLE WORKOUT GEAR There was such a huge response last year to the line I brought in from LA, I am bringing CORY VINES back this year with amazing women AND mens styles!!!!… Read More

The Affair Season 2, Episode 5 – Let’s Discuss!!!


This episode gave us a lot of answers and filled me with lots of new theories…. PART ONE: ALISON Upstate NY: The show opens up with Alison by herself in Cold Springs. Noah is in the city with Martin who is apparently sick. I hope sick doesn’t mean he attempted suicide (remember first episode season 1) but since Helen was… Read More



I am taking apart the Kids & Teen Guide of the Hot List and highlighting a few as I see fit over the next few months. Today I am focusing on college planning, test prep & tutoring ADMIT U – COLLEGE PLANNING,  TEST PREP, & TUTORING Since many of us have kids who can always use some extra help in… Read More



I went to a Halloween party last weekend and lots of people wanted to know how I made my costume. This is an easy and quick DIY Halloween Costume that you can pull together in no time. I literally went out at 7pm the night before the party, bought the items below and made the costume in a few short… Read More

Tis the Season for Soup!


I love soup. It is literally a staple in my house from October – April. The thing is, it’s so hard to find good soup that is gluten-free, dairy free or both that actually tastes great. I usually end up making my own soup and eating it throughout the week. Recently, I was at Whole Foods in West Orange and… Read More

The Affair Season 2, Episode 4 – Let’s Discuss!!!


Wow, just when I thought I was having a bad day….seems Helen & Noah had a day from hell. PART ONE: HELEN PARAMOUR   Episode opens up with Helen & Noah in court. Funny, the first thing I noticed in this scene was Helen’s grey’s and her chipping blue nail polish. Gottlief is laying it on thick about Noah cheating,… Read More

Lulu’s Fall Accessory Guide 2015


Accessories are the key to making or breaking your outfit. One wrong necklace and your outfit can go from totally hot to totally not. I have put together the hottest trends in jewelry, handbags, hats, and scarves.  As always, many of the brands are offering special discounts to lulu readers and some have partnered with me to do a giveaway…. Read More