Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – The Adult Version

Welcome to Cyber Monday, the only way to shop (unless you are buying ski boots). I have rounded up my FAVORITE Holiday Gifts of 2017!! If you missed the kids/tween, etc version, you can click here “Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide – The Kid/Teen/College/Teacher Version“. The deals online are insane so grab them while you can! Happy Shopping!


When I started this blog way back in 2013 the activewear market was just beginning to emerge. Lululemon was literally the GO TO brand.  Little did they know that they would set the path for the explosion of the legging craze. There are so many activewear lines now it is hard to keep track. There are few and far between… Read More


After my previous mitzvah blog, my first thought as I sat down to write this was “take a deep breath, it’s over.” A year of planning and it was over within a blink of an eye. My first thank you is to whoever heard me praying 8 months for a clear day. It could not have been any nicer. Although I was… Read More

Chic Ball Bead Bracelets

This past summer I spent a week in the Hamptons. I had been looking for months for these gold bead bracelets and I figured if I was going to find them anywhere it would be in the shops in East Hampton.  Well, no luck. Ironically, a guy who shared a fire island house with my husband called my husband weeks… Read More

Modern Day Charm Jewelry

Buying gifts is super hard especially when it comes to jewelry. Unless someone tells you exactly what they want, it’s always a guessing game. And, unfortunately, that gift usually ends up as a return leaving the giver feeling defeated. After many years of marriage, I explained to my husband, while I appreciated all his effort, it would be best if… Read More

Behind the Scenes of Planning a Mitzvah

Three years ago I got Zach’s Bar Mitzvah date. I didn’t think much about it except that it would be in Israel and that was that. Well, life doesn’t always go according to plan and we had to cancel the trip. What was supposed to be a small kids party slowly turned into, for lack of a better word, a… Read More

Lulu’s Back to School Guide 2017

Back to life, Back to reality… I cannot for the life of me understand where the summer went. How is it that it is August and I am writing a Back to School Guide??? UGH!!!! Well I guess the show must go on… SO without any further ado, here are my MUST HAVES for Back To School 2017!!!

Thoughts in Yoga 7.18.17

This morning I took a killer yoga class. I am not sure if was the heat or the intensity but it was one of those classes you leave knowing you had a sick workout. During shivasana I could have sworn Liz (yoga teacher) played an Eddie Vedder song. Although Vedder was not singing Hare Krishna, it was seriously his voice… Read More


I almost fell over when I saw the preview for Odd Mom Out running on Visiting Day. Um… hello? That looks vaguely familiar…. 4 years ago was it that I wrote The Running of the Jews? Hmmm. Should I say thank you?   If there is one thing you cannot do on visiting day, it’s to show up empty-handed. But what… Read More

The Activewear Bags of Summer 2017!!!

Now that Father’s Day is over, it’s time to treat yo self! Whether you are on the hunt for the ideal tennis racquet bag, gym tote, backpack, duffle or satchel, please check out these super chic bags that you won’t want to put down this summer!!!

Lulu’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

What do we get dad?? I’ve searched high and low for the hottest gifts for men this year.  On my journey, I came up with an awesome list of items that are sure to get a lot of use — whether they’re in the gym, the great outdoors, on a plane or in the backyard, there is a gift for… Read More

A letter to my former college self

I was recently asked to write an advice letter to my former college self that could potentially help future college students. My journey from college to real life has been filled with a ton of lessons but if there were 10 things I wish someone had told me before my freshman year it would go something like this: Dear Amy,… Read More

Mother’s Day, I do not want…

Dear Greg (husband), When you asked me what I wanted on Mother’s Day, I wasn’t kidding, I do not want anything. I do not want breakfast in bed. I am not a fan of crumbs and I certainly do not want to deal with washing and drying sheets. The thought of having to put that duvet cover back on the… Read More

6 Days, 600 Miles of Californication

Life is unpredictable. If you asked me last year where I would be Spring Break 2017, I would have told you Israel. However, due to some unforeseen life events, we wound up on a road trip through California. A very, very long road trip. My brother moved to LA when he got hitched so we figured we would begin our… Read More