The 6th Grade Party

Livingston, NJ has this phenomena called “The 6th Grade Party”. I mentioned it once awhile ago but for those who do not remember I will refresh your memory. The 6th Grade Party is a few 6th graders who have a joint birthday party to celebrate their 12th birthday. It is a full out dance party with a DJ, refreshments (non... Read More

An Hour in the Zen Den

Margate, NJ is nothing like the Hampton’s in terms of the exercise situation. Like there is no Soul Cycle, Fly Wheel, Barry’s Boot Camp, Exhale, etc. BUT there are a variety of yoga studios and boot camp classes, some that are even offered on the beach. I decided to take an early 8am class at the Zen Den called “KAPOWER... Read More

The Launch of Lulu’s Hot List

After months of working tirelessly to put together Lulu’s Hot List, it is finally here!!! I have cultivated a list of vendors who I and many of my readers feel are the best of the best at what they do. This initial launch is a local (as in Essex/Union County New Jersey) vetted list. I will be expanding to Bergen County,... Read More

Lulu’s Ultimate Camp Visiting Day Guide 2015

I can’t believe this will be the third summer since I wrote “The Running of the Jews“.  As most of you know this is one of my favorite articles to write because the “stuff” just gets better and better each year. I am assuming most of you have had your first phone call so you should be aware of any special... Read More

The Camp Bus Departure 2015

busybye-640x335 (1)
It’s 5:40pm Saturday, June 27th. The kids left 8 hours ago. The house is quiet, it’s pouring and Greg is sleeping on the porch. I foresee this is how the summer is going to play out. VERY QUIETLY.  I have had two Bloody Mary’s, a pound of junk food and a blowout. After the last two weeks of complete insanity,... Read More

Lulu’s Hot List

Over the past year, I have been spending quality time in the “Livingston Mom’s” Facebook Group. Everyday someone asks for a recommendation. Whether it is for the best photographer, best landscapers, best shoe repair, best place to buy coffee, eat pizza, roofer, divorce attorney, etc etc etc. ALL DAY LONG. The issue was if you asked for a sprinkler company... Read More

West Orange Luxury Townhouse Living

This week’s Hot House Feature is a pristine townhouse located in the Eagle Ridge community of West Orange, NJ. Ah townhouse living!  Way back (like 10 years ago)…we were looking to move out of the city and I did not have a clue where to go. I wasn’t ready to move of New York but we needed more room and... Read More

Camp Faves 2015!

Less than two weeks until the camp trunks leave and I have yet to break them out of the closet. AH! I started to write a list of things I need to pick up and figured why not put together a guide of last minute camp items.  Instead of doing the basics like the duffles, I wanted to focus on... Read More


Father’s Day is around the corner. I love scouting out the best gifts and I believe I have found a few great ones he will love! Here are my top 30!! DIY DAD LASER MEASURE This handy tool is genius. It uses a laser to get instant measurements so you don’t have to hold the end of the tape measure... Read More

Billy Joel Sings A Lullaby

Last night we took our kids to their first concert.  It wasn’t a question of whom we were going to take them to see, somehow Greg and I always knew it would be Billy Joel.  I have seen Billy in concert four times. Not a record-breaking number but more than most artists I have seen.  It is just that concert... Read More

Living Fitness in Livingston

I believe the key to changing your body (besides eating right of course) is mixing up your workouts. As much as I love Bari and yoga, I needed to find something else to help me with all my problem areas. A friend of mine recommended a trainer that she LOVED. I wasn’t sure about going the personal trainer route because... Read More


It’s the beginning of the summer and you know what that calls for? Yes, A Girls Night Out! Instead of the same old. I thought let’s mix it up and bring together a combination of  the things we love:  exercise, makeup and healthy food & cocktails. SAVE THE DATE FRIDAY JUNE 5th 6-9pm FIRST STOP:  6:00-7:00pm– BARI MICRO IN SUMMIT NJ  A... Read More

43 Days Until Camp Begins…

Here’s the deal, 43 days until camp begins. 43 DAYS. A few of my friends are freaking out about both kids being away all summer and I am like BRING IT THE FUCK ON! Can we discuss that I am about to have 7 weeks of NO KIDS. Can you even comprehend that? I can’t. Like I don’t have to... Read More

Olive & Bette’s Saturday Beauty Launch!

If you have walked into Olive & Bette’s you would know it is a bright, summery store filled with trendy, fun merchandise. A great boutique that carries everything from Joie to Zara Terez to my favorite Nation tanks to Parker dresses. There is a little bit of something for everyone. Olive and Bette’s has grown to four locations and their... Read More

Lulu’s Mother’s Day Healthy Brunch Recipes

Anybody in charge of whipping together a Mother’s Day Brunch? If so, here are a few of my go to healthy recipes! Individual Egg & Spinach Bowls I love these! They are healthy, portioned and delicious!! Ingredients 8 large egg whites, (recommend free-range) 1 whole egg 1 cup baby spinach, chopped into small pieces 1/2 cup diced tomatoes 1/4 cup... Read More