What is the Hot List?

Lulu’s Hot List is a thoughtfully edited listing of top quality resources that is intended to offer my readers a worry-free browsing experience. The hand-picked resources enjoy a showcase in keeping with my firm commitment to quality vs. quantity. More than simply enjoying elite advertising space, our members are a cultivated community of qualified experts. The internet is so saturated with long lists of anybody & everybody, I decided it was time to publish a hot list of the most thoughtfully edited resources in your town.

How do you choose the vendors for our Hot List?

The process to become a Hot List member is actually quite extensive.

First we look at their portfolio, their time in the industry, their experience. We look at reviews they have received, consult with referrals and get to know who they are and why they are so good at what they do.

Secondly, I, or someone very close to me must work hand –in –hand with this business for a period of time. We don’t simply look for a referral but rather for a solid reason as to why a particular business deserves to be on the list. Perhaps a florist worked with us on a huge party, did a fab job, we used them again, and some of our readers also hired the florist and are still raving to all their friends about them. Could be I have tried several different facialists but my skin continues to look the best with this particular aesthetician. Maybe I questioned a friend about how amazing her backyard looked and she referred me to a landscape architect who has designed some of the most beautiful backyards, Perhaps the dog trainer I have worked with has done such a phenomenal job in training, there was no way I couldn’t recommend him. Whatever the connection, it must be strong and based on a real knowledge of the resources work. We also consider applications from interested businesses. Email [email protected] for more information.

And finally, after feeling completely confident that a particular resource is fabulous, we invite them to be a part of our Hot List! It’s an invitation-only list that truly prides itself on its commitment to quality above all else.

Do the businesses pay to be listed?

If a business is accepted into Lulu’s hot list, they will pay a modest membership fee to be listed. I have intentionally set the prices low, so that small and large businesses alike can easily be a part of Lulu’s list. If I’m not happy with the quality of resources for a particular category, I will happily leave that spot empty until I find someone who meets my standards.

How do I become a member of Lulu’s Hot List?

Email [email protected] for more information

Why are there only a few resources per category, when there are so many more great resources in any given city?

There are so many people out there that recommend this resource or that resource that it often becomes really overwhelming! I wanted to give you my favorites based on reputation and quality (not advertising dollars). By only featuring those vendors I really love, I feel like I can really speak honestly about them on Lulu and Lattes.

What if I don’t agree with your choices and/or have had a negative experience with one of the resources listed?

If you have had a less than satisfactory experience with any of the businesses listed, please let me know as soon as possible. I appreciate your thoughts and your time! While I appreciate your feedback, please note these resources are independent from Lulu and Lattes and therefore Lulu and Lattes is not responsible.

What if I have a positive experience with one of your resources and want to shout it from the rooftops?

Of course I LOVE that! Please send us any and all positive experiences you have, as our resources and our readers want to know. Because I have taken such care and time in selecting the businesses that participate in our Hot List we aren’t surprised at all when we hear that one of them kicked ass. But we love it nonetheless and want to hear ALL about it!

Have another question? Feel free to email us directly, [email protected], and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.