Mother’s Day, I do not want…

Dear Greg (husband), When you asked me what I wanted on Mother’s Day, I wasn’t kidding, I do not want anything. I do not want breakfast in bed. I am not a fan of crumbs and I certainly do not want to deal with washing and drying sheets. The thought of having to put that duvet cover back on the… Read More

6 Days, 600 Miles of Californication

Life is unpredictable. If you asked me last year where I would be Spring Break 2017, I would have told you Israel. However, due to some unforeseen life events, we wound up on a road trip through California. A very, very long road trip. My brother moved to LA when he got hitched so we figured we would begin our… Read More

CAMP FAVES 2017!!!

Here we are again….less than 8 weeks before camp starts! I don’t know about you, but I am super stressed. I haven’t even ordered camp clothing yet. Yeah, I am that behind. Hopefully everything still fits from last year (not a chance). With the little time we have left, I put together all my favorite camp 2017 finds that are… Read More

Last Minute Spring Break 2017 Goodies!

In case you are leaving for spring break next week and need any last minute vacation goodies, everything listed below is in store and ready to ship ASAP!

Chocolate Caramel Matzoh Crunch

Passover is around the corner! I decided, unlike in the past, I will post a few Passover desserts individually making it easier for you to refer back to if you decide to make this or any of them! This Chocolate Caramel Matzah Crunch was such a winner in my house (and easy to make), I thought it would be the… Read More

The Age of the Prosti-Tots

I will preface this article by stating I am the mother of boys. Two amazing boys I wouldn’t trade for the world (on most days).  I am aware I am writing this article through the lens of a mom with without daughters.  I tread lightly… I have on been on a World Mitzvah Tour since September. From NJ, NY, Westchester,… Read More


What did we do before leggings? I was trying to think back to what I wore before they existed. Velour Juicy Couture sweatsuits? Champion sweatpants? UGH. I believe the birth of leggings has been one of the best gifts women have received in the workout actually “life” department. Not only do we wear them to exercise but they have truly… Read More

50 Darker Shades of Vomit

I have been true to my word since 1990 something. Valentine’s Day is, quite frankly, the world’s dumbest holiday. I say it every year. If you want to show me love, do it on a day that is least expected not when Hallmark says “this is the day.” I told Greg from go, do not buy me flowers, do not… Read More


It may be freezing on the east coast but spring will be here before we know it (literally cannot wait). I thought I would bring a little sunshine into your day and get you in the mood for warm weather. I have been scouring the market for two months looking for amazing new goodies for the store. I figured I… Read More

Chilling at Chileno Bay

Last Thursday I went for a quick weekend getaway to visit the brand new Chileno Bay Resort & Residences in Cabo.  I have been anticipating the opening of the new Auberge resort since I first heard about it back in December. Although Cabo has so many resorts, it is hard to find a FAMILY FRIENDLY, luxury resort with a swimmable… Read More

The Affair Season 3, Episode 10- THE FINALE. Let’s Discuss!!!

Ugh. This was the finale? DISASTER. Let’s discuss… PART ONE: JULIETTE PARIS Ah. Paris. A beautiful backdrop for a finale. It’s so “Before Sunset”. But unfortunately Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are missing from this bizarre episode. Oddly, the finale starts off from Juliette’s point of view. I am still questioning why, as she played such a minor role this… Read More

The Affair Season 3, Episode 9 – Let’s Discuss!!!

I apologize for passing on last week. I didn’t even know where to begin or end. Alison becoming a grief counselor was the end of the line. But I’m back this week to discuss episode 9 (only because Vic is back 😍 ). PART ONE: HELEN OMMMMMM After Helen’s awful night with Noah and Vic walking out, Helen swoops up the… Read More

Help me pick a Facebook Mom Winner!

First off, a huge thanks to EVERYONE who submitted their funniest/craziest/post they saw in one of the Facebook Mom’s Groups. After reading through them, I thought it would only be fair if YOU could help me choose the best post. Please vote for the one you think should win!!! Loading… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INPUT!!! Winner will be… Read More


If there is any reason in the world to join Facebook, its to belong to a Facebook “Mom’s” Group. There are thousands of them. THOUSANDS. I originally joined many years ago for the resources. If I was looking for a highly recommended painter, it was the perfect place to ask. But as time went on and the Mom’s group grew… Read More

The Affair Season 3, Episode 6 & 7 – Let’s Discuss

We are going back to basics in episode 6 & 7 with Helen & Noah’s point of view.  Episode 7 is reminiscent of the first season with both Helen & Noah sharing the same series of events from each of their views. I will touch on a few things from episode 6 but since episode 7 was so off the… Read More