Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – The Adult Version

The holiday’s are quickly approaching and I am sure everyone is in gift mode! We all need that perfect gift for that perfect someone. I have listed over 50 gifts to help you find something! This guide is filled with everything for him and her! If you missed the kids and tweens guide from Cyber Monday, you can find it HERE…. Read More

Lulu’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – The Kids, Tween & College Version

Happy Cyber Monday!!! I thought I would make your holiday shopping a little easier by publishing the Kids/Tween/College Version on a day you can kick back and shop from home! I searched high and low for the hottest gifts this season that your kids will LOVE.  Since it is Cyber Monday I also added a nice surprise: Anything purchased in… Read More

The Affair Season 3, Episode 1 – Let’s Discuss!!

Welcome back! After a long hiatus, I am excited to be back writing about The Affair. Although, I hope this season doesn’t fall off the deep end. If you forget what happened last season, you can read the season 2 finale HERE. PART ONE: NOAH Or should I say PART everything. Are we to assume that the structure of Part One/Part Two… Read More

Lulu’s 2016 Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s time for my annual Thanksgiving Recipes! This year I dug deep for a new recipes that are sure to be crowd pleasers! Let’s start off with a Thankful Cocktail or two. I try to pace myself as it’s a long day of cooking and if there is anyone who needs to keep their head on straight, it’s me. Last year… Read More

Dear Psycho Parents on the Sidelines –

Dear Psycho Parents on the Sidelines – After nine years of listening to you yell at your kids on the field, the refs and the coaches, watching you throw water bottles, chairs and various other objects on the grass in a huff, and making everyone else around you extremely uncomfortable, I am speaking up. These are children. They are not your fraternity… Read More

Winter is Coming!

Love the new goodies in the store so I had to post! The weather is turning and figured this is a great time to stock up on fun cold weather gear plus these make amazing holiday gifts! Although this is not my official holiday gift guide (that is a biggie), here’s a sneak peek at a few things you can… Read More


Two Friday nights ago I got a text asking what I thought “Attire to Inspire” meant on so and so’s Bar Mitzvah invite. I laughed to myself and pulled out all the invites Zach has received in the past two months. A few said “Cocktail Attire” but most of them had a twist on what cocktail attire meant: Dress to… Read More


If you live in Livingston NJ or the surrounding area, you may have noticed the new store, R. Home, that has opened next to Starbucks in Livingston. I wasn’t really sure what the deal was so I popped in there because I wanted to inquire about my dining room that will be probably be done when I am eighty. I… Read More


If you live in Livingston, NJ or the surrounding area, you may or may not know that Elle Squared has new ownership. Doni Feinberg Landy, Esq., purchased Elle Squared, the fashion forward boutique located in Livingston Town Center, this past June. Jessica Panes, longtime Livingston resident is Elle Squared’s new general store manager and buyer for the store. Jessica brings more… Read More

The New Fast Food Nation – b.good!

I work from home except one day a week I go into the SmartFlyer office in NJ and sometimes the city. This past week I decided to go into the NJ office because I have been working on booking a Christmas trip for a while and I had to close it before flights went off the deep end. Around 11:45am… Read More


When I worked at Burberry back in the day (when the quilted coat was IT), twice a year they would have an employee sale where you could buy their collection at a deep discount. I fell in love with this fur Parka that really was too big but I loved the coat so much I had to buy it. It… Read More

The Updated Mitzvah Gift Giving Guide

This is the year. The year of the Bar Mitzvah madness. I re-read my Gift Giving Guidelines and realized it needed a major update!!!  So here is the new and updated guide! These numbers are not a hard and fast rule. They are also figures I didn’t pulled out of the sky. I asked A LOT of friends and neighbors…. Read More

Pokemon No, Please Go!

When the PokémonGo memes were posted all over Instagram last month, I had zero clue what they meant. Pokémon was something I heard about ten years ago but my kids had zero interest so I wasn’t tuned in. Until now. See the kids were in camp all summer so when PokémonGo launched, I was very far removed. And then last week I was driving to… Read More


We can’t avoid it so we may as well embrace it. Back to School is here (or almost) and here are my faves this year! Pencil Cases and Pouches! These just keep getting cuter! Customize and personalize any design. Haven’t seen anything cuter!! School Pouches are available in Lulu’s Store! $35-$38   Here is a little secret to make a Rainbow Highlighter…. Read More


THE TOTE OF THE SEASON IS HERE!! Every fall I need some kind of new tote. This year, not only did I find my new favorite tote,  but I couldn’t believe the PRICE!!!!!! One of my friends had it and I fell in love! I am sure she is super pissed I am now selling this to the public but… Read More