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I know when I am planning an event especially a mitzvah, the FIRST thing booked is the DJ. The music sets the tone for the entire party. If the DJ can’t get every single person out of their seats, something is lacking. Unique Musique doesn’t ask you to dance, they inspire you. They are the culmination of innovation, creativity, and professionalism amongst the interactive entertainment community.

Unique Musique specializes in creative entertainment for life’s greatest moments for the past 25 years, always setting the stage, raising the bar, and leading the industry. Unique Musique is really not just another DJ company, they have redefined the role of a “disc jockey” and inspired a whole new platform for today’s mobile entertainer. Unique Musique’s entertainment teams are second to none. They have a very discerning eye for talent. It’s very likely you will know their performers from stage and screen, rather than “the neighborhood.”

The owners, Larry and Carrie Gold who are the warmest and most dedicated individuals and passionate about what they do, like to think that you are “family” as they plan your event. There’s no need for translation, they speak the same language, they understand your passion and let you enjoy the ride, as you arrive at your celebration. They follow your direction, they anticipate your concerns, both creatively and financially, to produce a stress free environment for a perfect party experience.

Unique Musique is offering Lulu readers a 10% discount on any package. Please mention Lulu’s Hot List.


Larry Gold



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(800) 556-6535

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