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When we decided to get a dog for the second time, I told Greg I would not even consider bringing a dog home unless we had the BEST trainer lined up. Sure enough, Walter, The Dog Whisperer, was found and my dog fears were gone.

Walter, onPOINT’s head trainer, graduated first in both his Professional and Master classes from the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. He started onPOINT in 2013. Walter is the master of total canine transformation. AT onPOINT-K9, dogs are not just their passion; they are their way of life. It is their goal to provide you with the most innovative, balanced canine training programs and build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. They want all dogs and their families to succeed, and they do everything possible to achieve that balance. And they do!

onPOINT-K9 is seriously the best of the best. Their method is based on a blend of techniques and experience with the top dog trainers in the world. They bring harmony between you and your dog while simultaneously satisfying your obedience needs. Their philosophy is anchored in the fact that a dog’s behavior is directly related to one’s ability to understand and implement the key communicative techniques taught in their programs. A dog that is “On Point” is alert, attentive and ready to go. It illustrates a relationship of trust, respect, and loyalty between man and dog. Their mission is to teach dog owners clear and consistent ways of communicating with their dog though proper management, socialization and obedience training. It is their life’s work to have all the dogs they train be “onPOINT.”

They offer a variety of programs for all ages and obedience levels beginning with puppy raising, to on and off leash obedience, private lessons and specialized training. onPOINT also provides socialization, re-homing and training equipment sale services. It is as important for owners to understand their training methods as it is for their dogs; to this end, they offer private lessons with you and your dog throughout program enrollment.

onPOINT is centrally located in the heart of Warren, NJ. onPOINT offers a lively atmosphere for daily training programs and canine socialization as well as woods, hiking trails and playtime areas in their agility arena, fenced-in puppy playground and on-site pond. It is amazing and Griffin, my pup, LOVES it there!! Walter even encouraged him to “like” the pond.

In an effort to provide the best and most exclusive training for your dog, they limit their intake capacity per week. Availability fills quickly so please contact them in advance. Don’t wait, I am not kidding when I tell you it fills up!

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