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What more can I say about my favorite invitation company?! Countless mentions on my blog- I LOVE JULIE MALOOF DESIGNS! 

The party begins with the invitation.  At Julie Maloof Designs, they become an integral part of your “party planning” and help define your style, theme and mood of your event.  Together, you create a personalized invitation that carries your specific look, through customized font, layout, color and the material that the invite will be printed on. They can silk screen lucite, laser cut plastic, foil stamp paper, print on metal, print on wood, digitally print and letterpress paper and so much more. 

Once you have defined the basic parameters of the desired invitation, They get into the finer details- wording and cost.  Julie Maloof Designs is always up front with cost at the very beginning and make sure every client understands exactly what they can get within their budget.

As soon as the invitation is chosen, a price quote is sent.  Once the price is agreed upon, the customization begins and all of the proposed ideas start to come together.  A layout and design of your invitation is created and emailed for your approval.  You and Julie work together to refine and tweek the invitation until it is ready for a mock up that can be viewed by all.

After another opportunity to make any additional changes, the invitation is ready for order.

Remember, they are a full-service company that goes beyond the invitation creation.  They also offer printing, logo design, stamp design, calligraphy, stuffing, stamping, sealing and mailing at the post office.

Julie Maloof Designs will offer 10% off to my readers if you mention lulu with a deposit placed thru 2015


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