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While I was vacationing in the Hamptons several years ago, I was invited over to a friends house who had just renovated their kitchen. I literally almost fell over when I walked inside of her home and was led into her brand new kitchen. It was absolutely breathtaking! She told me JEM woodworking was to thank for this gorgeous kitchen.   Actually at the time, I was in the process of renovating my home and I was on a mad hunt for a custom cabinet maker/designer.  I had my eyes on this Christopher Peacock kitchen I saw in a magazine but knew there was no way I could afford it.

I called JEM woodworking when I returned home and spoke with Neil Schnelwar, the owner of JEM. I couldn’t believe it when he told me that the first generation of JEM was trained at Christopher Peacock and Smallbone (renowned furniture designers and manufacturer in the UK). Actually I could believe it after seeing the quality of their work and craftsmanship. After a kitchen consultation, 3-D rendering and detailed proposal, my kitchen was completed in a few short months.

What did I love about JEM?

No two kitchens are ever alike. They build their cabinetry to fit to your space no matter how small or big. They have a lifetime guarantee on all of their cabinetry. Neil and his staff are a PLEASURE to work with. Their quality is top notch and it shows in all aspects of their work. I felt like the kitchen is where I spend all my time and it is the focal point of my home. I didn’t want to cut corners and I wanted it to be a place I would love for a very long time.  It still remains my favorite room in the house!


Ashley Hamm



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