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Hiring an irrigation (sprinkler) company is one of those things most people find through word of mouth. After years of success with Irrigation Systems of NJ, they are my go to for all my sprinkler needs. They are affordable, reliable, experienced, quality driven and extremely trustworthy. 

Irrigation Systems of NJ is owner operated serving the north Jersey area for well over a decade.  They meticulously design your system so they know precisely where each head needs to be placed to ensure the most efficient and effective coverage possible. They will also make sure you save money by watering your lawn and not the driveway, sidewalk or your neighbor’s yard. Irrigation Systems installs Low Voltage LED landscape lighting as part of their services as well. They also upgrade existing underground sprinklers as well. 

At the start of the installation process, Irrigation Systems will provide you with a detailed estimate that will take into account access to water service, landscape changes, decks, fences, patios, pools, sheds, etc. in order to give you a complete estimate that will include NO surprises. They believe communication to be extremely important and will work to make sure all your needs and concerns are addressed. 

Irrigation Systems will always return phone calls, show up on time and deliver the best service possible. Many contractors are more interested in installing new systems than fixing existing system, but Irrigation Systems technicians always fix problems, no questions asked. Their focus has always been customer satisfaction. They know what it takes to meet their customers landscape irrigation needs: their expertise along with prompt and courteous service.



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