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When I was looking for a speech therapist for my younger son, a friend had recommended Deanna Goldstein, executive director of NY Speech & Language Services. Deanna and I clicked over the phone and I knew she was the right fit after meeting with my son. NY Speech & Language Services dramatically improved my son’s speech in less than a year.

Deanna is the executive director of NY Speech & Language Services, a private practice servicing children from infancy through adolescence that provides comprehensive evaluations and home, office, and school based therapeutic services to address the needs of the child and family. Deanna has over fifteen years of experience in her profession. She started her private practice in NYC and has since transitioned services to Livingston/Short Hills and the surrounding areas. She is known for her wonderful rapport with children, comprehensive evaluations, innovative therapeutic techniques, collaboration with the school and other professionals and ability to meet the needs of the family. Deanna is extensively trained and experienced in facilitating receptive and expressive language development, improving auditory processing skills, improving articulation, fostering pragmatic (social) skills, and improving oral motor functioning and feeding skills.

Deanna has experience working with a variety of populations, including, but not limited to, children with developmental language delays, auditory processing difficulties, reading comprehension issues, articulation errors, stuttering issues, oral motor deficits, different types of feeding issues, autism spectrum disorders, and Down syndrome. In addition, she provides language based tutoring services which help to improve language learning across all subject areas.

NY Speech and Language Services priority is to collaborate with the parents, school and/or other therapists to accurately meet the needs of the children they serve and assist in creating the best educational program to further the development of each child The main goal is to work with the child, family, and school to provide an environment in which speech and language will thrive.


Licensed in NY and NJ

ASHA Certified

Provides Services:

Full services in Livingston/Short Hills and surrounding areas

Evaluation and consultations in NYC



Deanna Goldstein, MS, CCC-SLP



Email Address

[email protected]

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