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Growing up I was never given the money lesson. I was never taught the proper way to save, invest, and make my money work for me. After maximizing out credit cards in college, spending money I didn’t have, and, truly, not having a clue how to manage my finances, I knew it was time to call a financial advisor or I was going to be in hot water.

With so many financial advisors out there, I knew this was a decision I couldn’t take lightly.  Whomever I was hiring to handle my money, it had to be an advisor I could trust implicitly, had an A+ track record, had years of experience as investment analyst, and would act in my best interest.

When I hired Mike Canarick to write my will, he recommended Dave Mozieka from Tomoro to help me get my finances together. I was definitely wary because, like I mentioned earlier, I had no expertise in this area. But after meeting with Dave and checking with several references I was confident this was my guy. Now I can tell you hiring Dave was one of the best decisions I have made personally and professionally.

Tomoro’s philosophy is to educate their clients and give them confidence and empowerment to make the right choice for themselves.  The financial industry is comprised of advisors who are mostly product salespeople for the institutions that they represent.  Dave, on the other hand, built us a financial structure first and then used economic principals to determine what products we should own.  He taught us how to coordinate and integrate our financial decisions so that we are operating at maximum efficiency.  Instead of focussing on investments and products, Dave had us focus on cash flow, savings and structure.  

After working with Dave, three important things have happened for us: (i) our savings rate has dramatically improved, (ii) our cash flow/income is much better protected in the event of an unforeseen event (i.e. death, disability or job loss) and (iii) we have a sound strategy in place to maximize our income in retirement.  While many advisors only pay attention to rates of return on investments, Dave gave us a structure that will help us to maximize our income in retirement.  Saving money for retirement is certainly part of the picture, but there is not enough focus on how to translate the savings into an income stream.  We now have a plan that is much better equipped to handle factors that are beyond our control such as increasing tax rates, low interest rates, inflation, longer life expectancies, etc.

Tomoro is really a philosophy – your future is the result of all of the ripple effects from the choices that you made along the way.  In other words, your tomorrow is created now by the choices that you make today.



David J. Mozeika



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