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Audio/Video/Home Theater Solution Provider for Residential and Commercial

In today’s society, things seem to revolve around convenience and entertainment. All Media Consultants emphasize those two favorable factors while combining them into one exceptional and enjoyable service and product. All Media Consultants are the one to hire to design and install your indoor and outdoor customized technology.  They hide every wire, install SONOS, indoor and outdoor TV & speakers, surveillance cameras, automated lighting, etc.

All Media Consultants is a family owned business that started 10 years ago with the notion that they could provide high end service with middle price point designed product.  They design and install everyday and have the knowledge of which brand speaks well to each other.   They can take a hard to decorate living room or den and place a flat screen above the fireplace and a SONOS Playbar to add sound.  All Media Consultants conceals all of your equipment in another location so it is hidden. They also take care of all surround sound.

SONOS is their hottest product.  SONOS allows you to stream music in different rooms with different songs at different volumes.  This has been a game changer in the multi-room music design. The amazing thing about SONOS is that it can be controlled by your smart phone or iPad. SONOS price point  happens to be the best in the multi-room audio design.

All Media Consultants also specializes in outdoor weather proof flat screen TV’s. The outdoor TV’s are designed and encased in weather proof casing and can stay outside all year long.  They are perfect for outdoor media rooms, pools, hot tubs and porches.

All Media Consultants are extremely vested in the community where they live and work. They have done work in thousands of  local homes and businesses. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction and service.

All Media Consultants is offering Lulu’s readers a FREE mount when spending $2500 or more. Please mention Lulu’s Hot List (new clients only).


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