When I started this blog way back in 2013 the activewear market was just beginning to emerge. Lululemon was literally the GO TO brand.  Little did they know that they would set the path for the explosion of the legging craze. There are so many activewear lines now it is hard to keep track. There are few and far between that have amazing fit, super soft fabric and actually look great on your body (not just in a picture).  This fall I came across a few lines that truly embody all three components. I am OBSESSED with this first line. Their sizing is “one sizes fits most” who are in the 0-6 range. Before I posted this I made sure these leggings actually fit a 0, 2, 4 and 6. They do and they look GREAT! I personally own the stars, chevron and watercolor camo so I can vouch. I LIVE in them and know you will too!



Black Chevron Legging – $86
Green Chevron Legging – $86
Asymmetrical Color Block Legging – $82
Watercolor Camo Legging – $82

Terez has an incredible holiday line this season. It’s so hard to pick a favorite pair but I guess the splatter wins!

Rose Gold Splatter Leggings – $96
Burgundy Heather Camo Leggings – $82
Grey Heather Camo Leggings – $82
Navy Heather Star Leggings – $82
Grey Heather Star Leggings – $82

Noli has been a favorite line of mine for quite some time. Their styles are always ultra chic. Love the three below!

Warrior Floral Legging – $88
Black Bird Legging – $118
Vivid Camo Legging – $80

A zillion tanks to choose from but figured I would keep it very simple…

Rose Gold Splatter Racerbank Tank – $60
Black Foil Skull Racerbank Tank – $60


Enjoy! The store has a lot more styles to choose from. It’s just a few weeks until Turkey Day. Maybe some new leggings will help motivate you to get back on the mat or in the dreaded gym!  



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