50 Darker Shades of Vomit

I have been true to my word since 1990 something. Valentine’s Day is, quite frankly, the world’s dumbest holiday. I say it every year. If you want to show me love, do it on a day that is least expected not when Hallmark says “this is the day.” I told Greg from go, do not buy me flowers, do not buy me a card, do not buy me anything. I don’t want to go to a lavish dinner. I don’t want to see 50 Shades Darker. I don’t want rose petals and chocolate. Pour me a glass of wine and let’s Netflix & chill. The past few years I have created a list of gifts that you may have wanted to give a loved one (if you have a soft spot for this day). I began to look for some new out-of-the-box gifts this year but, truthfully, it’s all the same. So I am going to give YOU a gift. As much as I would love to give you Rob Lowe for the night (maybe next year if VR headsets are on the market), I am giving you my next best thing.  If I could have anything, it’s always a new playlist. Here is a playlist of songs that should make you “FEEL GOOD“. Maybe send it to a special person in your life, it’s a keeper! Open a bottle, light some candles, turn down the lights, throw on headphones and press play. OR get in your car, connect to bluetooth, turn up the volume and drive for HOURS (if you don’t have Spotify – maybe make that your Vday gift, it’s worth it).

Happy Vomit Day!!


p.s. There is ONE song on this playlist that the singer screams out, “Don’t you even worry PHILADELPHIA” (obviously it’s live). First one to email me the name of the song and band wins a free tote! (no hints GS).
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  1. Amy

    Awesome playlist – you even included Yaz? I haven’t thought about Upstairs at Eric’s at least since high school but totally had the casette 🙂

    February 14, 2017 • 3:32 pm •