The Affair Season 3 Episode 3 – Let’s Discuss!!

Week 3. Sorry for bailing last week, I had to get the Holiday Gift Guide out and it took way longer then expected. I also apologize for being late to the game this week. I have had 2 sick kids home for days. Anyway a few notes about last week

  • psyched Vic is back but screwing in the basement before the kids leave for school was a little ridic. I am unsure what 40+ year-old man would take that deal.
  • So now Helen is a realtor and a con artist
  • Whitney’s new boyfriend, aka as FURKAT, is one old and interesting dude (she loves older men that Whitney!)
  • Loved the HUGE vagina photograph placed carefully between Helen and Vic on that stressful ride home
  • Alison’s side was utterly boring. I’m glad Cole gave in and allowed Alison to see Joanie.
  • Curious to know what happens to Vic and his cactus Rex in future episodes.

Let’s Discuss!

Lo and be hold we have a new perspective. Bonjour Juliette – Welcome to The Affair. Welcome to the club of women who masturbate to Noah Solloway. Let’s see your side of the story from last week.
Well, we are certainly handed her POV and then some! Juliette takes on the role of the medieval professor deciphering text, looking for clues. At lunchtime, Juliette is reading a brown bag covered copy of what else – Descent. I am sure we all guessed what was under that book cover but I am not sure we guessed Juliette would be masturbating on a chaise lounge in the middle of the day in a night-shirt. Maybe I am reading too far into it but I think that scene was so over the top. Is this show on the verge of jumping the shark?

Take 2. But this time Audrey’s hair is in a bun (instead of down), Juliette is wearing a much more “conservative” dress… well maybe not conservative but she is not provocatively eating fruit. Mike is now sitting across from Audrey having the same discussion about the current sexual assault debate. The conversation gets heavy so Juliette politely excuses herself from the table to check on the souffle. This turns into a party in the kitchen. In the span of 3 minutes, we find out that Mike and Juliette are having a fling AND Audrey wants to f*#k Noah. WHO DOESN’T?

Upstairs Noah has found some quiet space because he is not used to being around people anymore. Okay, but weird at a dinner party to just go off to someone’s bedroom and read a book. Right? Juliette finds him and they share small talk. Here we find out that Juliette has a husband (a very famous medievalist who is suffering from terrible Dementia).  Their little talk turns into the beginning of a session that ends before it begins. Noah runs out just like in his perspective.


Next thing we know, Professor Le Gall is being taken from behind by a stark naked Mike. She has taken her courtly love class to a whole new level. Juliette is clearly not into it, definitely imagining Noah. I am assuming she was still turned on from her earlier encounter and was just scratching an itch. A little later, she realizes Noah left his blazer and she finds his address in the pocket. UMMMM – I am not sure if you saw this BUT:


Being that I LIVE in Livingston NJ  I can tell you a few things:
First and foremost – there is no street N. High Street. Second of all, there is no student housing unless I have been living under a rock for fifteen years. Third of all, Princeton is almost an HOUR away from Livingston, NJ. Fourth of all, there are over 10,000 towns in NJ. Either Princeton is not really the school they are showcasing (like is it Rutgers?) OR they didn’t want us to see that piece of paper. I am bewildered. Thoughts??
ANYHOW, Juliette takes it upon herself to return the blazer to Noah at 1:30am. Was she seriously going to have sex with him as well? Ew. Sloppy seconds.

Juliette finds Noah bleeding out on the floor. My big question in this scene is WHERE WERE THE POLICE?? How come they were not questioning her when the ambulance left to take Noah to the hospital? Don’t you think at a crime scene there would be officers interrogating her? Hmmmm.


Noah, on the brink of death, has repeating flashbacks to his time spent in jail. John Gunther, the creepy guard, lets Noah in on this odd fact that they grew up in the same town and met at a swim meet back in ’85. He is super weird and gives me the feeling that he either has a thing for Noah or has it in for Noah.
Noah wakes up to an extremely annoying Helen asking a thousand questions about the stabbing. He is completely agitated, takes his hand away when she places it on his and is he is even more bothered that she still considers herself his wife. It’s really pathetic that she is this desperate. It makes me HATE her. Move on Helen…

Detectives arrive at Grey’s Anatomy to question Noah about who could have possibly done this to him? So there you have it, The Affair once again has become the “WHO DONE IT.”

  1. C0le Lockhart
  2. Alison Bailey
  3. Juliette Le Gall

Noah is released from the hospital (how long was he there – 1 day?) and goes to Juliette’s??? Really? They met literally two days ago, he got stabbed, (okay she saved his life), and now he is staying there??? Who is writing this plot? But wait, the best part is after almost bleeding out he has enough stamina to fully make out. I can’t.


After that ridiculous scene, Noah lays down and has a final flashback to Gunther giving him a 6 month present – a prison typewriter. He also tells Noah that he ordered his book, Descent. Will Gunther be masturbating to that as well? I sure hope that is not an upcoming scene.  Noah signs a copy of his book for Gunther and shortly thereafter, Gunther sees a picture of Alison on the prison wall. Gunther, out of nowhere, is strict with prison rules and attacks Noah. Which is how we find out what happened to his shoulder.

Noah decides enough is enough and phones Inspector Gadget to let him in on who may just be the stabber……


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  1. Jana Mackler

    Spot on as usual. I’m confused as to the prof/student relationship. Is that even legal? Or just unethical? I do feel for Juliette but leaving him in France? What happened with Noah’s sister that he has over her??
    Glad we didn’t have to wait too long for your recap. Are you reviewing Divorce? Still on the fence about it. Side note: happy to see Vibration Apparel on your gift list! A Boca friend!!
    Tagging my mom @[email protected] since she watches too!!

    December 7, 2016 • 7:04 pm •
  2. Talia

    Lulu- I was waiting for your blog and thoughts on how you felt the season is evolving. I think in a way the professor is obviously attracted to Noah and he knows it hence showing up at her house after his stabbing and sitting in her room after dinner; Whitney continues to just play the typical dysfunctional attention seeking brat of a family; Helen I think can’t let go of Noah because he took the blame for the accident and feels indebted to him plus she continues to feel connected due to the children; I think at some point Noah will sleep with Audrey and Noah will have another scandal coming his way with the school etc; I think the brother in law- sisters husband stabbed Noah over the house- brother in law was pissed he and Noah’s sister didn’t get the house. I think the prison guard is just a creepy crazy person and Noah’s imagination has grown him into something more. I don’t think Cole stabbed him because with getting custody of the girl and getting married his motive lowers. I don’t think Alison stabbed him because I don’t think Alison can even think that far ahead or plan a stabbing – I think she’s an avoider in crisis and is avoiding Noah at this point. Until Sunday……..

    December 7, 2016 • 7:21 pm •
  3. Melissa

    I agree with the Livingston address!? I was wondering why they put that? And I had the same exact thoughts about why weren’t the police at the scene when Noah was taken out on the stretcher. Weird?!

    December 7, 2016 • 7:54 pm •
  4. Taryn

    It’s getting too soap opera-y!
    Not sure how to tag a friend here.

    December 7, 2016 • 9:40 pm •
  5. Sandy Fritsch

    Juliette is annoying. Do you think Haddie from Parenthood stabbed Noah? He hulmiliated her in class… Hmmm.

    December 7, 2016 • 11:15 pm •
  6. Cindy

    My favorite line of the show: “Excuse me, I think I hear the souffle falling.” LOL!

    One of my favorite things about The Affair are the real-looking actors. Irene Jacob is impossibly elegant and sensual and naturally beautiful in a way only French women can be, and Dominic West and Ruth Wilson, being from across the pond, are also real and non-Hollywood (e.g., no fake tans, fake breasts, fake teeth that glow in the dark they’re so blue-white, etc.)

    I have never been able to understand why women find Noah in any way appealling. Ugh. I love the Juliette character, but it was squirm-inducing watching her masturbate to him. Ew.

    Why do so many sex scenes nowadays feature rear entry? Is doggie style the new black? Am I just an old fuddy-duddy?

    I don’t know why, but I have never liked the Luisa character. It’ll be interesting to see how the Cole-Luisa-Allison-Joanie storyline goes. Remember last season when Cole said Luisa is crazy sometimes, especially at certain times of the month? I can totally see something dramatic happening re. Joanie.

    I’ve always liked Brendan Fraser and he’s really got the creepy thing down in this role. I was totally skeeved out when his fat finger ran itself down Allison’s picture. Not sure it’s Noah’s BOOK he’ll be masturbing to … major ew!

    Man do I feel sorry for Helen. She just will not give up on Noah, no matter how many times and how bluntly he rejects her. Telling her to leave him alone, saying “What about us?”, not caring whether she came back to the house after the funeral, moving his hand away … Helen!! Lordy, girl, have some dignity! Besides, Helen is way too good for Noah!

    December 9, 2016 • 4:59 pm •
  7. Droid

    LIVINGSTON? I caught the NJ license plate on the red Mini and thought that Princeton would be inaccurate… then thought that maybe he was teaching at Rutger’s based on the student housing in the area.

    He could be teaching at Caldwell College (University) and live in Livingston, but where in Livingston are the run-down student apartments?

    My guess is that some honcho on the show lives in Livingston and wanted the town added to the show.

    If he is at Caldwell College, perhaps Tony Soprano tried to kill him. That would make sense considering Tony lived in North Caldwell.

    December 14, 2016 • 12:07 am •