It’s ALMOST TIME!!!!!! Whether you are RUNNER or a walker, camp visiting day is approaching and it’s time to get your Visiting Day swag together.

I scoured the country for the hottest camp visiting day bunk gifts, candy packages, accessories, and color war goodies. If you can’t find something here, you are pretty much shit out of luck. Because many of the custom/personalized items have a two week turn around time, I wanted to get this article out early enough so you had enough time to place your orders. Like today :).
Happy Shopping!




Now that most camps are nut-free, I found the perfect candies to bring for Visiting Day that are made in a nut-free facility and delicious!

The Jumbo Jar holds enough candy for the whole bunk to share and enjoy together. The mini 4 ounce jar is the perfect size and price point for bunk gifts! Choose up to 2 candy colors to match your camp colors! Priced right, safe and tasty for nut-allergy sufferers and non allergy kids alike. The mini jars also are available in  gummy bears, gummy worms, sour bears or sour worms.

Jumbo Jar – $31.95
Mini Jar Camp Colors– $7.95
Mini Jar Gummy/Sour – $7.95


Kids will love this adorable Rice Krispie Bunk Treat by Sweet Ali and sushi candy is always a camper’s favorite!

12×15 inch Krispie Treat Bunk Cake, where you pick the camp, and Sweet Ali takes care of the rest! The whole bunk will enjoy and it’s nut free!
All orders for 7/16 visiting day must be received by 7/9.
All orders for 7/23 visiting day must be received by 7/16.
Pricing available upon request by calling Ali at 917-714-9936 or via email at [email protected].
All new customers will receive 15% off by mentioning LuLu

How many kids ask for sushi on visiting day? I have a feeling they will like this WAY better!

Sushi Candy   from Camprageous
Small Tray – 5 pieces  $12
Medium Tray – 20 pieces  $45
Large Tray – 45/48 pieces (GREAT for the whole bunk to share!!)  $100

gift with purchase” to all Lulu & Lattes customers who use the code LULUVISIT16.


These custom camp crates are perfect for VISITING DAY. Your child will have enough sweets to share with their bunkmates and have a cool crate left after to use for storage. Best part is Visiting Day will come and go and so will the candy but the Custom Camp Crate will stick around for years to come!
*This basket shown has a stack of rubberbands in a heart shape for girls and the boys has SNEAKER BALL DEODERIZERS (girls can have this too if they want!) Sweet Gifts by Star will  customize it for you so please let them know what colors and names you would like and they are happy to make it!
Camp Candy Crate  Sweet Gifts By Star  $74.99

Finally, mini size oreos for the whole bunk to share! Bite sized chocolate covered Oreos with camp themed edible images.
Sweet Ali Minis!$20
All orders for 7/16 visiting day must be received by 7/9.
All orders for 7/23 visiting day must be received by 7/16.
Pricing available upon request by calling Ali at (917) 714-9936 or via email at [email protected].
All new customers will receive 15% off by mentioning LuLu

Starbucks Lover? These adorable camp frapps are filled with gummies! You pick the colors! (*these are not guaranteed nut free)
Camp Frapps  $15 Camprageous
“gift with purchase” to all Lulu & Lattes customers who use the code LULUVISIT16

The Tackle Box is a great way to give your child an assortment of their favorite candies!
Camp Candy Tackle Box $23 Hall of Scoops

Addicting” is an understatement! This cupcake container, filled with delicious white chocolate sprinkled pretzel balls are A-MAZING!
Cupcake Container with Pretzel Balls – $26

Bee Bee Designs has the coolest emoji candy poles for Visiting Day!  Each pole is 29″ tall and is filled with nut-free candy!  Choose whichever emoji you want to top this off!  Imagine running towards your camper waving this awesome candy pole at him or her as you arrive on visiting day!
Candy Poles $48



Girls will LOVE these adorable friendship bracelets that can be customized with any name, camp or phrase up to 8 letters
BitsyBoho Friendship Bracelets starting at $17

Kind of want one of these wrap bracelets for myself! These wrap bracelets can be personalized with any name or camp name.
They have an aluminum tag attached to 2 yard piece of suede cord in multiple colors
Suede & Leather Camp Wrap Bracelet  $30

The girls will also LOVE these braided Leather triple wrap bracelet with custom stamped circle disc. They can be personalized with any name, camp name, date….etc
Custom Braided Wrap Bracelet $24

***PLEASE ALLOW 1-2 weeks for all CUSTOM BRACELET ORDERS! Order today to make sure you have in time for Visiting Day!!

Adorable customized camp pouches to store pencils, pens, tampons, notes, whatever!
Camp Pouches $35-$38
*These are available for Visiting Day the weekend of the 23rd (orders must be in by Wednesday July 6th)

Awesome custom camp hair ties either come packaged in a set of 12 with custom camp colors  ($16) or the 3 pack custom camp  ($12) comes packaged with one plain camp color and 1 pattern camp color and 1 camp name.

*These are available for Visiting Day the weekend of the 23rd (orders must be in by Wednesday July 6th)

My kids LOVE these flashlight beanies that can be personalized with any camp name. Great for sleep outs!
Camp Flashlight Beanies $28

Welcome to My House Sleep Shirt! Super cute to wear to bed. Can be customized with any camp in any colors!
Camp Sleep Shirts $16

Order your camper a custom autograph tank for visiting day from Bee Bee Designs!  Any camp with your camper’s bunk, group or favorite hashtag.
Glitter Camp Autograph Tank$36 Bee Bee Designs


Hottest stickers of the summer! Your child will be psyched to have the STICKERBEANS™ Limited edition summer keepsake box! Filled with new summer designs: LOL, Hamsa, Playing Card, Sun & Ice Cream .

StickerBeans Keepsake Box  $19.99
Use code “Lulu” for a free surprise StickerBean.

Your campers can hold on to the memories of Camp all year long with these 18 x 12 Autograph Camp Clings and Decoupage Photo Album
Autograph Camp Clings $23 Hall of Scoops
Decoupage Fuji Film Photo Album  $14 Hall of Scoops

Awesome insulated camp water bottles. Drinks stays cold all day long. Any camp available
Insulated Camp Water Bottles $39.95  The Sweet Spot Shoppe

I scream, you scream we all scream for Ice Cream! Campers can keep their water cool this summer with Dylan’s Candy Bar signature Ice Cream tumbler!
Ice Cream Tumbler – $15.00




This awesome soccer disk floats on a cushion of air, allowing it to glide over any smooth surface. There are powerful LED lights let the game go on even at night.
Light Up Air Power Soccer Disk – $11.58

The Mini Basketball hoop is a favorite bunk activity for all campers.
16″ Magic Shot Mini Basketball Hoop Set with Ball and Pump – $9.95

AS SEEN ON ABC, NBC, CBS AND FOX, Activ Flyers are The World’s Easiest Frisbees To Throw & Catch! Perfect for all campers! Their unique design flies straight and can be caught in the smallest of hands, on your wrist or even your foot! At just 33g, these best-selling flying toys are 80% lighter than standard frisbees, which means safe, comfortable catches.  This two pack comes with one red and one blue!
Activ Flyers – $14.97

What camper wouldn’t love a big bucket of Big League Chew?
80 piece Big League Bucket – $14.18

My kids are so getting this Sunflower Seed Combo Pack! They are going to be PSYCHED! This is always the big ask every year.
Bigs Sunflower 9 Combo Pak – $27.99

How cool are these googles? These goggles are super comfy with a soft, flexible frame and wide non-slip head strap
Boys Jawsome Swim Goggles – $23.94


Could you think of anything more genius? InstaFlip REVERSIBLE tanks are the ultimate color war tank!!
InstaFlip Go Team Tank and #Camp Tank  $28

LOVE these camp Tutus with removable interchangeable patches!  Comes in white, green, yellow, blue and red.  Tutus can be customized with any camp. Each comes with 4 style patches as shown (camp logo, zip code, camp colors bandanna print heart and camp fraps)
Custom Camp Tutu $28

Design your own Color War Basket at The Sweet Spot Shoppe!
Color War Baskets (contact Sweet Spot Shoppe to create a package!)

Safe Travels and Happy Visiting Day!!! As much as they will love all their goodies, they will be most excited to see your smiling faces.
Enjoy it!

p.s. Please share with anyone who is looking for Visiting Day Gifts! 

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