The Affair Season 2, Episode 11 – Let’s Discuss!!!

A huge thank you to Greg for doing an amazing job recapping last week’s episode. It was definitely fun to read his take on episode 10. The only thing I will point out (although Greg did mention it) was how insane Joanie looks like Cole. They must have screened 20,000 babies until they found her. I think its odd that Scotty knew right away it was Cole’s baby but Noah hasn’t even given any thought to how much his daughter is one face with Cole.

Anyway, let’s discuss episode 11. This was one intense episode! It was the first time in the show’s history we see Part 1 and Part 2 from two men’s perspectives.

The show opens up in the court room with Cole on the witness stand.  The subject of Noah & Scotty’s fight is being rehashed. I mean Scotty did knock up Noah’s daughter, right? Rumor has it we find out next week who actually killed Scotty! I have finally come to a conclusion about who I believe did it – read on….




The show opens with Cole & Luisa driving to Montauk. Luisa (looking super pretty in this scene) is excited to meet Cherry, Cole’s mom, for the first time. Luisa’s demanding boss calls and Cole conveniently pulls into the The Lobster Roll. I can’t believe how much they turned the restaurant upside down. They definitely shot this scene in the off-season (in Amagansett, not Montauk where The Lobster Roll aka “Lunch” is actually located).



Luisa & Cole have some afternoon delight, discuss Luisa owning her own restaurant (hmm Lobster Roll much), and Luisa decides to take a bath. Who takes a bath in a hotel room? She realizes there is no soap, wraps herself in the a gorgeous blanket (Do you bring your own blanket to a hotel?) and walks outside to find some soap. Cherry, Cole’s mom, happens to be working as the chambermaid and hands Luisa soap. Cole overhears her voice and walks outside to find his mom standing there.  I am not sure who this is most embarrassing for Cole, Luisa or Cherry? What a way to meet your new mother-in-law! UGH.



A little while later, Luisa and Cole spend time with Cherry sifting through family photos and catching up. Cherry mentions she wishes they could get married where she and Cole’s dad got married but Luisa is like um, “isn’t that where Cole and Alison got married?”  Yup. Nice try Cherry.

Scotty walks in completely strung out, rambling about how he has $37K to buy the Lobster Roll.  Cole tells Scotty, $37,000 is not going to get him much and he really should be using the money to go to rehab.



Cole and Luisa are at, surprise, surprise, the Butler’s to talk about possibly having their wedding at their home. It turns out Miranda, Luisa’s mother, has taken care of the Butler’s home for 30 years. How is it every single person in this show is connected???  Also, please explain how Cole doesn’t know who the Butler’s are. I find it VERY hard to believe that he has no clue who Noah’s ex-wife is considering Montauk is so small.  I also didn’t buy that this was the first time Margaret is hearing Luisa is marrying a Lockhart. Luisa’s mother basically lives with Margaret! Once Margaret does put it all together I was shocked she didn’t offer to pay for their honeymoon as well since Cole is the one who almost shot Noah. Cole wants to get out of there as quickly as possible. It looks as though Margaret has done a lot of soul-searching this past year. Perhaps at Soul Cycle? She does mention spinning. Before Cole can walk out, Margaret stops him and says “I’ve come to a time in my life where I understand that a little forgiveness goes a long way.” This is NOT the Margaret we knew a few episodes back!



Tossing the Butler mansion wedding aside, Cole & Luisa find a bench on Old Montauk Highway to think of another option. Cole has an idea (one he has had for quite some time). Why not buy the Lobster Roll, fix it up and have their wedding there? Super! Except that the only person Cole knows who has the money to invest with him is Alison. Okay, super weird and not ideal. I don’t think I would be down with that and truthfully Luisa isn’t really either. BUT I guess she comes around because next thing we know, Alison and Cole are bidding on it. Luisa didn’t go to the auction? Maybe because she thinks “this could either be a dream come true or the worst idea ever.” I am going with worst idea ever. Just wait until Luisa finds out about Joanie….




No surprise Alison & Cole win the auction and are now co-owners of The Lobster Roll. By the way, there is NO shot they would have won this auction in “real life”. A real estate developer would have 100% outbid them.

Scotty shows up like a bat out of hell and completely loses his shit when he finds out Cole is not cutting him into the biz. He is about to tell Cole about Joanie but Cole persuades him if he goes to rehab Scotty can work with him when he comes out. Big mistake Cole, big mistake.


Cole drives Scotty to rehab and asks him what he meant when Scotty said he knew something that could turn his life upside down. Scotty pretends to sleep and we are on to:



Noah’s alarm goes off at 4:30am. Apparently this is when he gets his best writing done. It is ridiculous that he sets up shop in his bathroom. He’s not exactly living in a studio. His apartment is HUGE. I am sure the dining room table or couch would suffice?  Noah is trying to write about the”GOOD SOLLOWAY.”


Alison, while showering, asks Noah if they could find some time to talk.  Noah needs to get more writing done since he is meeting with Harry and suggests a date night instead. This was Alison’s opportunity to come out balls to the wall and tell Noah about the fact that she is about to take her life savings, partner with her ex-husband and buy the Lobster Roll. But, no surprise at all, she fails to do so. And then she lies about her finals….



Harry is insistent that Noah must have a book out by Christmas (or the latest Valentine’s Day) or Noah will lose his relevance. Noah says he has too many family obligations, school, etc. Harry suggests another retreat like  Yaddo where he can get him up there by the end of the week and stay as long as he wants. I literally laughed out loud when Harry made this suggestion. Yaddo is impossible to get into and I don’t care who your book agent is, there is NO way Harry could have gotten him a room by the end of the week. Not a shot in hell. Harry recommends Noah focus on an easier book to write  like  “Ascent” – the sequel to Descent. I bet you he actually does write this in Season 3.

Noah tries to be the “good” guy and surprise Alison at school after her finals. The biochem professor lets Noah in on the big secret – Alison quit 6 or 7 weeks ago before the midterm. Say what? Noah is in shock and so begins his day unraveling all of Alison’s lies.

He runs home to confront Alison but finds only his kids playing Ski Wii and Joanie. Odd he doesn’t even acknowledge Joanie. Noah gets a disturbing text from Oscar showing a picture of Alison & Cole at the auction. This has him running out the door and straight to Montauk to meet Oscar.



Noah finds out from Oscar that Cole & Alison bought the Lobster Roll (sheesh Alison) and Oscar is all sour because he lost the restaurant. Remember though, Oscar does end up working or managing the Lobster Roll. Oscar goes on about how Alison has no heart, she never did, blah blah. Oscar is all negative Nelly about Alison because obviously he still carries a flame for her and will say anything to try to get Noah out of the picture (at least I think so).



Noah shows up at Max’s gorgeous beachfront home in Montauk (the sight of his house makes me want to pack up and move there tomorrow). Noah hasn’t seen Max since the hurricane party a year ago. Even though Max is all scruffy, in flip-flops and sweatpants, drinking a cocktail in the middle of the afternoon, he looks mighty fine if I do say so myself. I also bet the XO puzzle is from Rumrunner.

Anyway,  Noah rambles on about how he has literally “lost” Alison, like he can’t find her. She bought the Lobster Roll unbeknownst to him with Cole and maybe she is not the person he thought she was. Just maybe she is “evil” as Oscar alluded to a few hours prior. Seriously, Noah – how can you be surprised? Your relationship did start out as an affair. You have been lying to each other for months.  Max, apparently has been visiting a therapist (aka Cynthia Nixon) regarding Helen,  because this seems pretty deep for him to recite to Noah:  “I can tell you from personal experience that people leave for lots of different reasons. It’s not  just because they’re bad and you’re good or you’re bad and they’re good. Sometimes people are just going through something and you can’t be a part of it. That’s therapy talking man. Max also makes a valid point about how Noah only shows his face when he is down and out. #truth. Noah apologizes and Max says to Noah “Well you can always go back to Helen.” This is where the shit hits the fan. The truth comes out about Max and Helen. Noah, rightfully so, freaks out. He throws his glass against the wall and Max utters the best line of the entire episode “It’s Waterford Crystal, no big deal.” Phew, thankfully it’s not Baccarat. Max clearly points out that Helen wasn’t enough for Noah but its all he ever wanted. Unwilling to hear the truth, Noah tells Max that, were it not for his money, he would be invisible. He’s nothing. Noah storms off. Applause here for Max’s performance. I know I go back and forth because he was such a schmuck when he was with Helen but I do love him in this scene.



Noah speeds off envisioning Alison in the middle of the road – this time though he actually wants to hit her. Noah’s cell rings and Alison interrupts his reverie.



They meet at the Lobster Roll, interesting enough where this all began, and have a heart to heart.  Isn’t Alison curious why Noah is in Montauk? I’m assuming they discussed that on the phone when she called him. Alison tells Noah that she bought the Lobster Roll. Yeah, he knows. She is “business partners” with Cole and its a great investment for them. Noah is like “you thought it would be okay to make a life-changing decision without me? Now I see why your first marriage didn’t work out.” (she deserved that). They go back and forth and Alison explains she doesn’t just want to be a wife and a mother, she needs this restaurant. She has spent the last 6 weeks walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (like 50 times) soul-searching (maybe she should have hung out with Margaret instead of walking the bridge) and figured out she belongs in Montauk. She’s not into going to fancy book parties. Really? She was ready to leave her past life very quickly not so long ago. She wants to make it work but truthfully I am not so sure why. What’s there for her? She doesn’t like Noah’s life, she would rather live in Montauk and for g-d’s sake, Noah isn’t even the father of her baby. I don’t get it. Also Alison had a terrible eyebrow wax in that scene, not sure who did her brows.



Flash Forward to Max testifying. SAY WHAT?  Max testifies that he saw Noah’s hosing off his car in front of his house and Max found blood on his driveway. Is Max’s testimony the truth or revenge? It looks like we will find during the finale!

P.S I am probably wrong but this is my theory…. I think Max killed Scotty. Is it possible that Max fell for Whitney because you know, she is just like Helen was at her age (Whitney was at the hurricane party, right?). Remember when Whitney said “stop calling him UNCLE MAX.”  Max was Scotty’s secret investor for the Lobster Roll and Scotty was Max’s coke connection. Somehow Scotty finds out about Whitney and Max, Scotty threatens to unleash the truth so Max kills Scotty. Max claims his car was in the shop but maybe it was really Max washing the blood off of his car and sending it to the shop after he hit Scotty.  I know this is SO FAR out there but I feel like Max is the only character who can really be off the show in Season in 3. I guess we will find out. I know most of you think Whitney did it and Noah was covering for her…could be! Where is Whitney by the way?


Who do you think killed Scotty???

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  1. Alla

    So i think Whitney killed Scottie. Helen knows and thats why she is helping Noah. Whitney is dispensible for next season. Maybe Helen makes up with her mommy and they get her out of the country.
    PS luved your hubby’s recap. Spoken like a man!

    December 15, 2015 • 9:17 pm •
  2. Cedar

    Random note: I know a writer who does her best writing in the wee hours. She also has a husband and 4 kids, so 4:30 am is about the only time she knows she won’t be disturbed. 🙂

    This episode seemed to move too fast, in contrast to the subtlety of other episodes that had us scratching our heads. This one felt like it’s trying to cram too much into too short a timeframe and tie up too many loose ends before the finale next week. I can’t believe the Cole/Alison and Cole/Luisa storylines would have resolved THAT quick.

    Max was excellent in this episode. I felt so bad for him, and those shots of his brown puppy-dog eyes didn’t help. “You always wanted more. I wanted HER” was the best line. Gawd Noah is SUCH an a**.

    Wow, Whitney and Max! Now THAT is a kicker. How grossed out would you be if you found out the guy you slept with also slept with your daughter or your mother!

    Noah’s comment to Alison about “no wonder your first marriage didn’t work” was SO out of line. Not only was it below the belt, it was hypocritical (from a liar who cheated) and untrue (more than half of marriages don’t survive the death of a child). It did not seem like Alison did anything like this when she was with Cole — mainly because Cole was trustworthy. Noah isn’t, and has done countless things to prove to Alison that she is right to be very wary of him and take care of herself. Also, sometimes we need to get away in order to realize where we want to be. I don’t blame her for preferring Montauk to NYC.

    I wish I didn’t know Alison and Noah end up married, as this epi would have given me hope that she kicks him to the curb where he belongs. She is better without him.

    I am not feeling the love from Luisa. To me she seems controlling and like she wants to run Cole’s life — and suddenly she’s OK with moving to Montauk? (Did she live there over the summer when she was working for Scotty at The End?) It also seems odd that Cole all of the sudden seems OK with her not being able to have kids (although they could of course have talked about adoption or a surrogate).

    December 16, 2015 • 9:44 pm •