The Affair Season 2 Episode 10 – By a Guy

This week we have a guest blogger – aka – my – husband who has pitched in to recap episode 10 in my absence. I have not yet watched it so I am just copying and pasting his recap into this post. I am not even going to read this recap until AFTER I watch episode 10 when I return from the Body Holiday. Unfortunately Showtime does not let you watch their OnDemand App out of the country so I will watch episode 10 Friday. I will return to recapping episode 11 and the finale.

Episode 10 – written by a guy:

I will call this episode Good vs Great

The show begins with the foreshadowing of the opening day of the trial and then quickly pivots to Noah getting some therapy.  We do see a glimpse of Helen and Vic, maybe he did turnout to be a “good guy acting like an asshole” but I got the straight asshole vibe from that guy


We open with Noah on the couch seeking a little therapy for his “blown” attempt to get home to witness the birth of his new daughter.  Is this really Noah’s first solo therapy session.  This guy is fucked up and likely should have had many appointments by now.

Many months have passed since the close of the last episode. Remember we closed out episode 9 with a naked Noah getting in the hot tub coked out of his gourd with his hot naked now lesbian leaning daughter who he hasn’t seen in a year!

Can I say that I was secretly disappointed he didn’t get to bang Eden.  Honestly I was looking forward to seeing her naked…that girl is alright!

If the opening of this week’s show seemed a little like HBO’s In Treatment that was no accident.  The Affairs creators are the same that developed In Treatment and the writer of part 1 was Anya Epstein and regular writer from In Treatment.  Between Sex in the City (Cynthia Nixon), In Treatment and The Affair it seemed like a HBO and Showtime Orgy.

Here’s what we learned.  Noah wants to be able to fuck who he wants when wants.  He has a meeting with a hot little 26 year old student Lucy Koskoff at 4pm following his session and is likely intending to “bend her over his desk” in just a few short hours.  Newsflash…This is called being a guy, of course we all want this…no great big reveal here.  Uniquely, Noah feels he deserves it.  He is above the sanctity of marriage and or the need to be faithful.

Noah and his therapist dive into his childhood (sick mom, asshole dad etc) and then into the content of his 2nd book.  Noah is chronicling the life of one the great Generals of WWII.   It turns out while General Omar Bradly may have saved the war but he was an epic cheater as well.

Honestly the only thing I found interesting from Part 1 is the comparison of Good vs  Great men and the correlation between them cheating.  I guess in Noah’s mind Great men have earned the right to cheat and Good men are suckers.  I do think the therapist did a good job of debunking this theory at the end of the session, stating everyone cheats!  Dentist, lawyers, trash collectors all cheat.  Socio economic status, professional accomplishments and your childhood have little bearing on who is fucking who.

Overall I give Part 1 a big snore.


Alison’s take was pretty mundane but I liked it more.

Alison’s taking continuing education classes in advance of going to Med School fulltime to become a Dr.  She is stressed and overworked with the baby and school and this led to her missing her couples counseling with Noah…at least that’s what she would lead Noah to believe.

Alison is returning back to her apartment, seemingly finishing a bit of 16 handles frozen yogurt when Scotty quickly comes up on her.  Scotty looks like shit and it’s awfully early in the morning to be this fucked up.  The show does a great job of making him look coked up.  He is sweaty, slightly disheveled and very aggressive.  No surprise here, Scotty wants Alison to be the “other” investor in The Lobster Roll-Night Club.  He acts crazy, she is having none of it and then her nanny rolls up with the baby.  Kudos to the casting director to find a baby that looks just like Cole.  Nice job Amy, you called this early on and this episode leaves little doubt.  Unfortunately for Alison there is no doubt Scotty picked up on this too.

Following the encounter with Scotty, Alison decides to go meet Cole.  How convenient that he now lives in Greenpoint and is available to meet soon thereafter.  I get the sense that aside from telling Cole about the Scotty encounter she may feel the need to come clean about the baby and beat Scotty to the punch before he can tell Cole. Cole seems to have his shit together.  He is engaged to Louisa, working a steady job and definitely cleaned up his act. No doubt that it’s in this conversation that Cole sets his sights on buying The Lobster Roll himself with proceeds from the house. He and Alison have a drink at the bar.  Now I don’t find Alison all that attractive, but when she ordered a “Blanton Neat” she went up a notch or two (shit even I drink my bourbon with one or more rocks).  Alison seems shaken upon hearing news of the engagement, loses her will to tell Cole about the baby, and then runs home to the waiting arms of her “Good Husband”.  Noah really domesticated this shit our of himself….baby in his arms (not his) and a major meal unfolding in front of him.

So Noah and Alison have sex (presumably at night or was it the following morning?) and the baby says “da da” for the first time.  So sweet except in this reality, do you think Noah banged little miss Lucy Koskopf after his therapy session?  I bet he did, hopefully he showered before laying Alison down.

Last scene, back in court…attorneys errand boy comes in with the lab results for the pacifier.  Looks pretty certain now to me.

Will those divorce papers see the light of day?  I think not.

Now lets all cross our fingers and hope that Noah gets another shot with Eden.

Look I’m no Amy and if nothing else this little recap sheds further light on how talented she is.  Fear not…I am keeping my day job.

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  1. onemo

    Good job!

    December 8, 2015 • 4:39 pm •
  2. Your blog came up as my go to source to help my confusion. I am watching the 12/13 episode now so maybe my answer will come.

    So….Noah has been on trial for killing Scotty but Scotty just appeared in last week’s episode. Am I missing something?!


    December 14, 2015 • 9:43 pm •