The Affair Season 2, Episode 6 – Let’s Discuss!!!

Only three episodes left this season!
A few things about this episode, I loved the Sebastian Junger cameo, I was so relieved when there was a time span of 6 weeks between Helen and Noah’s POV’s as I did not want to relive the whole hospital scene again AND it turns out Noah & Alison’s marriage is based on one thing and it’s not he loves, he loves me not…C’mon Stevie sing it…..


(wait until he finds out it’s not even his kid!)



Helen is trying to get the kids ready to go with Noah to the Yankees game (sorry all you Mets fans, Yankees all the way!). Stacy squeals to Helen that Martin’s stomach hurts. Margaret, of course, makes it abundantly clear that these stomach pains are due to the fact that Noah is coming to pick them up. “I mean, he had Enchiladas on Monday and he was fine.” The clear look on Martin’s face as he is trying to put his shirt over his head is anything but fine. Also how does this $300/hour therapist that he has been seeing have no insight into the fact that maybe this is not “psychosomatic?” I wanted to throw Margaret under Noah’s car when she said “the only thing wrong with that boy is Noah fucking Solloway.” Hate is an understatement. Nice work on the dying back your grey hair color Margaret, suits you perfectly.


All the Butlers are back together again in Gottlieb’s office. Instead of wisely using this time to figure out Helen’s state of affairs, Bruce and Margaret go at it and I mean AT IT. This was not the time or place to fight about their “sham” of a marriage. Thankfully, they get interrupted by Noah’s phone call about Martin being rushed to the emergency room. I’m assuming she asked her parents not to go with her to the hospital. Maybe they went to watch the other kids…


After three months (Noah thinks its two, hmmm a little MIA) of doing nothing, we find out Martin has a perforated bowel. THREE MONTHS??? WTF. For the life of me, I cannot understand how this dragged on so long.  I am not the perfect parent by any stretch of the imagination but when your child is in pain like this for more than a week, it boggles my mind that it could ever go this far.  A pediatrician would suggest sending your child to a specialist. Yes, Crohn’s shows up in a million different ways, it masks itself (my son had a fever for over a month with no other signs. We took him to 10 doctors until FINALLY we found a specialist (literally a god send) who diagnosed my son with Crohn’s). The show definitely took a turn for me, as this really hit home, however, I am glad it’s being brought to light . My last words on this little Crohn’s part is I was surprised to hear how they oversimplified the disease later in this episode (specifically when Noah is sitting with Alison at the institute and Noah says, “Doc said as long as he takes his medicine, he should never have to go to the hospital again.”) Although my son has been fine since he has been on medication, this is not always the case with everyone.  It’s a disease that flares and rests with periods of active disease and remission. Medication does not work for everyone. I guess what disturbed me the most was the fact that Sarah Treem’s father is a pediatric gastro and the show made Crohn’s out to be much more straight forward then it is in reality. Anyhoo….

After this extremely stressful day, Helen decides enough is enough. She doesn’t want to do this anymore (I don’t blame her). She wants to go back to mediation, give Noah co-custody of the kids and he can go on living la vida loca with Alison. Helen is finally ready to move on. At least someone is getting their shit together.

*p.s. who is the doctor in this scene? He is cute!


I have been waiting for this scene since Margaret moved into Helen’s brownstone.  She lays into Margaret and boy, does she deserve it. Helen’s words are gut-wrenching. “You wanted my marriage to fail… because yours was a sham and you were jealous. I loved him… for who he was, and you convinced me that he wasn’t enough, so I hope you’re happy now that you’ve ruined everything… my marriage, my entire life. ” (standing ovation here….Emmy maybe?) Bye, Bye Margaret….


Turns out Gottlieb has a lead from Oscar that can blow the case wide open but he wants $100K. Helen will do anything to get Noah off, even if it means selling her brownstone. Here we learn a few things:

  1. Clearly, Helen is still not talking to her mother
  2. There has to be something more to the story than Helen wanting to get Noah off because he is the father to their kids. Like Whitney killed Scotty and she is protecting her??? just maybe….
  3. What’s the deal with Gottlieb? Here is this fancy schmancy  lawyer with obviously no ethics. He will allow Helen to pay $100K for evidence? Is that legal?



Like I said earlier, I was much happier that they switched it up this time and didn’t start Noah’s POV on the same day as Helen’s. I didn’t want to relive the whole Martin hospital episode. It’s ten days later and Martin is welcomed home with a gluten-free cake and the feeling of this is what it used to be like before the shit hit the fan.

Noah announces he bought a 2 bedroom in Crown Heights (the one Alison was looking at from 2 episodes ago) but not a chance Whitney is staying there, I mean she would have to share a room with her sister. “Nope, opt out, veto. Thank you for playing.”



Have you noticed that Part 2 is always juicier than Part 1 or is it just me? Noah is on his way to see Alison who he has not seen in 6 weeks! Truthfully, he should have stayed with Helen and worked it out. The ending with their family all together was very heartwarming and felt like family outta feel like. But since we know that’s not happening, I will move on.  Alison has been living with her mom at a yoga retreat, The Sousana Institute, with a random bunch of naked people, finding herself and namasting. When Noah finds Alison, I was very happy to see Alison walk out of the water in a bathing suit and not topless (I think Noah was as well). Alison has made some new naked friends who seem to be vegging out and all kumbaya.


As Alison sits with Noah, Noah apologizes for not being more empathetic towards Alison. He realized after Martin almost died what Alison must have gone through. Better late than never, I guess?  Noah gives Alison the good news that he and Helen are finally divorced, he has co-custody and now they can be together.  Alison is all LA -TE-DA so does that mean we are a couple?She admits she read Noah’s book which throws Noah for a loop. Noah tries to blame it on it being fiction, he’s the asshole in the book who destroys everything he loves around him (hmmm fiction?) BUT there is a happy ending!! Woohoo! Yeah, the ending that Harry wants Noah to change. Alison isn’t really buying any of it.  Noah is right about one thing though : The Sex. Once Gabriel died,  Alison explains, sex was a way of feeling things without having to talk to anyone. She used reckless behavior in order to feel like she was still alive. Okay.Makes sense. She has definitely been talking to a shrink. Oh no, not a shrink – her friend Sebastian (loved who this turned out to be). Alison hasn’t had sex in, get this,  SIX WHOLE WEEKS and she is starting to see clearly now. Although Noah is thinking you must be fucking kidding me, he is happy for her but asks in typical Noah fashion “Is this something you are going to continue when you leave here?” Alison suggests Noah hang there for a while.

Noah tries to settle in but he is not so in sync with mother nature. Athena catches up with Noah and brings up his issue of writer’s block. Noah is annoyed and has lost all patience. This becomes abundantly clear when Athena points out that Noah was attracted to Alison’s dark side but as she is becoming balanced and stepping into the light, he is losing his hold on her. Athena does seems to be making quite a bit of sense. She suggests performing Reiki to unlock his creative flow but Noah is like get me the hell out of here.



Noah runs into Alison and her friend Sebastian. As in Sebastian Junger, author of The Perfect Storm. Noah is all starstruck and oh you do Reiki to help you unblock your creative juices, I am so in. Next thing we know Athena is performing Reiki on Noah and working on Noah’s chakras. No surprise his are in the penis area.

Athena has Noah flip on his stomach to allow the darkness to come in so he can see everything. The dark road vision comes into play and we finally see who is standing in the middle of the road, ALISON.




Noah tears out of there and whisks Alison out of her yoga class. He lets the darkness run out of him, spewing words about blowing up his life for her and his jealousy of Sebastian. If that is not enough, he throws her up against a tree and proves just how much control he has over her as he turns her around and basically rapes her on a tree . Besides the fact that this looks like the most uncomfortable place to have sex, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around why she allows this to go on. So much for being celibate, Alison. Her answer to his controlling behavior is to tell Noah she’s pregnant.

Back in Alison’s room, after Noah has released his Kunalini, Noah writes the ending of Descent. Harry calls. The book is done and so am I!


Until next week!!!

Thoughts?? Do you think its Cole’s baby? Are you with me on the possibility that Whitney killed Scotty? Do you think Noah & Helen end up back together?




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  1. Bonnie

    There are 6 more episodes of The Affair. It’s a 12 episode season. And I also think Whitney killed Scotty.
    We will see!

    November 9, 2015 • 8:50 pm •
  2. Amy

    Yes they originally booked 10 and added 2 more recently!

    November 10, 2015 • 6:05 pm •
  3. Elisa

    I agree. Thank goodness not another hospital scene! Really good Segway into Noah’s day. I do think He ends up with Helen. Definately guilty of something..
    So glad to hear they added 2 more episodes

    November 10, 2015 • 9:28 pm •
  4. Sc

    The doctor in the ER was hot–Helen should see if he’s single!

    November 29, 2015 • 6:24 pm •