Yoga Rant for the Day…

I signed up for this November 20 for 30 yoga challenge at Power Flow. Basically what that means is that I have to complete 20 days of yoga in 30 days.  I stopped doing everything else for a month and I have committed myself entirely to yoga. Today was my 4th yoga class since I started Sunday (I skipped yesterday).  Instead of taking the same teacher, which I normally do, I figured I would switch it up. Like really switch it up. I usually only go at 6am in Chatham but with the time change and this challenge I have been taking a few 8:15 Power Hour classes. This has given me major insight into how different one yoga teacher is to the next. I took one class where the teacher (who I love) spent at least 5 minutes with me during the class correcting, adjusting, and basically showing me how I should really look during half moon (four years later, I learned I need to use a block).  I took another class where I don’ t think I ever made eye contact with the teacher which is not good or bad…just different. And then there is the teacher who has the best music ever. I may never learn how to get into side crow in that class but the music is so good, I can’t stop going. Lastly, there is the teacher I am going to be best friends with outside of class, he just doesn’t know it yet. He fully has my sense of humor and he is a rockstar teacher. I wish he taught more.

What is my point of this rant? Try new teachers, they may surprise you. Even though I do LOVE LOVE LOVE my 6am Cara, it’s nice to change it up sometimes.

I do understand sticking with the same Soul Cycle Teacher (hands down fave – Michael NYCdid he move to CA?  Jayme, Kara, & Adam  if you are reading this – GO TAKE HIS CLASS NOW! He is in Santa Monica at 5:30, 6:30 – report back and find out if he is coming back to NYC Tribeca) If you live in LA you MUST take his class! 

I do have some Men & Yoga thoughts:

  1. Why don’t men take more yoga? I think if every man took one less crossfit class, bootcamp, spin class and took ONE (just one) yoga class a week, their life would change. Not kidding. I think they would live longer, their stress would dissipate, and that one day a week, let’s call it Monday, would be a great fucking Monday.  Greg always says his therapy is his bike but I know if he took a yoga class one day a week, it would be a life changer or maybe a day changer :).
  2.  I don’t care how hot the class is, I much prefer a guy sweating to death next to me in a shirt than a guy who is shirtless sweating everywhere… Unless, of course, you are this guy:adam
  3. I was in class the other day and someone just laid in child pose the entire class – all 60 minutes.  I am all for taking a break & relaxing and I swear I am posing this as a question…Why would someone come to class just to lay there on a mat? Like why spend the 20+ dollars to lay motionless in a class with people doing yoga all around you? If it was a Yin class or meditation class, totally get it, but vinyasa flow for 60 minutes? Not sure I’m clear.
  4. A pet peeve of mine is the yoga class set up. If you walked into a class and there were 5 people and you had to the option to place your mat ANYWHERE, would you ever just put it directly in front of someone? People do this.  I fully understand if the class is packed and you have to find a space but if the floor is basically empty WHY would you ever lay your mat in front of someone and block their view? It drives me bat shit crazy.  I am so not that kind of person that would say, “Hey, could you please move your mat to the left so I can see what I am doing in the mirror?” I want to be that person but I’m just not. Therefore, I will just bitch about it to you (thank you).
  5. I have watched this video 300 times because the front row (which is why I will NEVER be in the front row) always pulls off this maneuver.

    I have said this before – I know yoga is not about competition, judging etc. Its about being in the moment blah blah but it drives me nuts that I can’t do this.  Is this the kind of move that maybe after years of practice one can actually do or its the kind of thing either you get it or you don’t? I am so scared I am going to land on my face.

  6. Do people take private yoga classes to learn these sorts of things? Do you think the only way to really get great instruction is to go through a teacher training class even though you don’t want to be an instructor? I would be the worst instructor ever. My music would be killer but my teaching would be abominable. Like you would leave my class and say NEVER AGAIN.
  7. For 2o years now I have been dying to go on a yoga retreat but not like Eat, Pray, Love India kind.  I’m talking the “glamping” kind. At first I wanted to go to the Ashram in Calabasas and then I found out about The Ranch at Live Oak. Has anyone been to either?? Thoughts?? The Golden Door in CA also looks unbelievable – I actually spoke with them yesterday so I got the low down…but that deserves its own post (more on that soon).

That’s all for now (this is what I was thinking about at 6am this morning in Yoga…terrible I know. I wasn’t in the moment) Namaste….


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  1. jENN

    did you ever read “Real Men Do Yoga”? Must read! My husband is a personal trainer and when he came home with the book a few years ago I thought he was nuts…. but most athletes (think NFL, NBA,NHL) do yoga as part of their training

    November 5, 2015 • 9:25 pm •
  2. Amy

    Will read! I have not @jenn!

    November 6, 2015 • 7:44 am •
  3. Jess

    I have tried classes all over the area in attempt to find a place that I felt comfortable. Mixed classes are not enough instruction for me since I am such a beginner. Beginner classes are at odd times and rare to find. I went to a beginner class in Montclair where there were so many people crammed in the room there was no personal attention to form etc. I would love to learn yoga but feel like going to once a week beginner classes aren’t enough. I would love a small beginner course that would give me enough confidence to enter a “mixed class.” In the meantime I see videos like the one you posted and watch in awe!

    November 6, 2015 • 1:24 pm •