Bath & Body WHAT?????

Apparently I have been living under a rock for the past year. As a mother of boys, I have no clue what goes on in the girl world. My life consists of basketball, soccer, WWE, football fantasy leagues, and a bunch of smelly boys in and out of my car the minute school ends. Zach was invited to a 6th Grade party this past weekend and I called a good friend, who is the mom of girls, to ask her where I should get a present/gift card. I almost had to pull over when she told me where to go.

Now if you are the mother of tween girls, I am assuming you ALL know about this. But when I heard her tell me to get a gift card to Bath & Body Works, I was like  “What?? Bath and Body Works?? What could an 11-year old possibly want there?” Well little did I know Bath & Body Works is the hottest store EVER. AND I MEAN EVER.

Thanks to Bath & Body Works, the multibillion dollar beauty industry has – once again -, successfully, turned a common daily, regular product called hand sanitizer into a fashion statement that every girls gotta have. The girls are obsessing over these mini hand sanitizers called “PocketBac’s”. Yeah, PocketBac. Like AntiBac(terial) but since they are so cute and small, they are considered to be “pocket-friendly” hence “PocketBac”. PocketBac’s come in 7 zillion flavors and the girls are collecting and trading them like when we collected stickers.  Except they are hand sanitizers. Like what we use after we use a restroom in a restaurant, airport, etc. EW.  BUT they smell nice and are super cute.


It wasn’t enough that PocketBac’s could be thrown in your pocket, Bath & Body Works makes collectible holders for those bad boys that the girls can attach to their backpacks. Perfect for after school lunch or a tinkle in the loo.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.33.39 PM



PocketBac’s and their little friends are just the beginning. There are soaps and sprays and candles. But it’s not so much that Bath & Body Works have these products, I mean they have been around forever. It’s what is going on social media.

A year or so ago, an Instagram page showed up by the name of “BBWQUINN”. Two girls, Cait & Soph,  launched it as a place to review all of the Bath & Body Works products and lip balms. They now have over 62,000 followers. Somehow all of “our” girls found their account and began creating joint beauty accounts with their friends resembling bbwquinn where they review, rate, and discuss PocketBacs, candles, soaps, body washes and lip balms.

It has become a CRAZE.  There are videos all over Instagram and Youtube.  Like this one:

Can we discuss HOW MANY products she has? She pretty much owns the entire Bath & Body Store. What happens when they expire? It’s like a paraben nightmare (AH). I love that the body gel is too expensive for her. But my fave part is her organizational skills.  I need her to come help me organize my bathroom!

I remember when I was 11 making lip sync videos to Tiffany’s, “I Think We’re Alone Now”.  I guess now its adorable videos of Bath & Body Works products & lip balms!

If you think this is just kids, this was posted in a Mommy Online Support Group “I have 723 bath and body products. It is an addiction. I have 2 – 5 shelf curio cabinets filled to the brim with products. We won’t mention the 300 + candles I own 🙂 The funniest part is my Husband has no sense of smell…..I can wear o’ de garbage and he wouldn’t notice.”

That woman seriously needs to get a job at Bath and Body Works so at least she can get the discount!

I walked into Bath & Body Works to get the gift cards and I almost passed out from the smell. I felt like I fell into a Pumpkin Spice latte. The scent was so over overwhelming I had to hold my breath until I left. I have no idea how people work in that store. Maybe when it smells like strawberries or something it’s pleasant. But I am not kidding you when I tell you I almost asked some random person to buy me the gift cards because I was suffocating in pumpkin spice. I can’t imagine what your daughter’s bedroom smells like!

Just this past weekend my friend’s daughter had a camp sleepover and the girls schlepped their lip balms from Long Island all the way to Jersey so they could make videos, share, rate,  review lip gloss vs lip gloss (they pick random ones and see which they like better) and also play a game “Guess That Lippy” where they close their eyes and guess which lip gloss it is by scent and feel.


Is this happening in your house? Thoughts?

*A special thanks to AB & AS for contributing to this article.

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  1. Randi

    My daughters’ room smells like what I imagine a whore house smells like. Minus if course the cigarette smoke and stale beer. Every night they spray “relax” or “dream” or some other discuss scent on their pillows. Then they slather themselves in some mix ,at he’d BBW or PINK body lotion. And finally yes they pick a “lippy” from the container. Their bed time ritual is twice as long and almost as expensive as mine. On my daughter’s visiting day list was (I shit u not) “any BBW coupons you can find for big trip”. That’s right the camp I pay 11k each for takes them to ” the best mall” ever (Binghampton) The. They let them run through it like they just got paroled. I honestly have no idea how many pocket backs they own. I do know that my husband gave them each $40 extra on VD for this shopping excursion. I do know that no matter which mall we visit a stop in BBW is a must. And I also find the smell in there nauseating. I have waited outside.

    Thanks for the post though bc we have 2 birthday parties this weekend and I know just what they are getting!

    September 14, 2015 • 10:50 pm •
  2. Shari

    I have to agree about Bath and Body Works – I can’t take the smells and can’t believe I ever shopped there. (not in about 7+ years) I wonder if anyone ever thought about teaching them to make their own? They’ll never want to pay $20 for a tube of chemicals again…

    September 20, 2015 • 3:13 pm •
  3. Anonymous

    Just a quick note… “bbwquinn” was actually created by one girl, Quinn. I would know, as she is my little sister! 🙂

    December 14, 2015 • 10:42 am •