43 Days Until Camp Begins…

Here’s the deal, 43 days until camp begins. 43 DAYS. A few of my friends are freaking out about both kids being away all summer and I am like BRING IT THE FUCK ON! Can we discuss that I am about to have 7 weeks of NO KIDS. Can you even comprehend that? I can’t. Like I don’t have to make DINNER, I don’t have to do laundry (sort of) , I don’t have to wake up to drive the kids to school, I don’t have to pack snacks, I can work out at 6am or 7pm, I can drive to the city, take a spin class with my all time favorite instructor, stay ALL DAY and not stress about pickup. I can start drinking at 2pm. I can drive to the beach for the entire day , stay for dinner and sleep in a hotel.  Who knows. Screw cleaning out the closets, organizing my office, and all the other summer tasks I usually set out to do.  I am going to enjoy every single solitary minute of freedom from carpooling and the sports circus. I am going to celebrate my break from the psycho mom situation, the cliques, the bullshit and the drama. Everyone keeps telling me to prepare for the summer of divorce. Prepare?

Okay let’s get something straight. I work from home. I could go out all day and sleep with my tennis instructor in the club bathroom (how cliché by the way)  but I have no desire , so why am I all of a sudden getting divorced? Unless my husband is secretly screwing the hot 20 year-olds in the office, I see no reason for us to draw up any papers. Sure our marriage isn’t perfect. Whose is? We fight over money, sex and all of the other things married couples fight over but we love each other, we have each other’s backs and we keep it real. It’s not always peaches and cream but after almost fourteen years, we are doing something right.

I think the real prep is how to get through this summer without gaining 600 pounds and without turning into a raging alcoholic. The last time I had seven weeks without kids was twelve years ago when  Greg and I first got married, we were living in the city and life was VERY different. Different like “Hey, I am going out with my friends after work for happy hour, see you whenever.” Now when I go out with “mommy” friends during the week it is a major process.  I need to make sure I have a sitter, the kids ate dinner, they did their homework, they showered and the dog was fed and walked,  It’s more work to go out then to stay home.

Now it’s back to square one. I have no idea what I am walking into come June 27th but from the stories I hear about the summers with no kids in my neck of the woods it gets a little crazy. Will I ever eat home? food shop? Is Greg going to want to have sex in some foreign place in the house like the laundry room?


The questions are endless. I do not have the answers, do you?  I am excited to fill you in!

stay tuned.


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  1. I will help you pare down your wardrobe, mix and match what you have so you can “see” your clothes not have a “sea” of clothes AND serve you champagne and strawberries at 10 am. Kill the closet and the alcohol at the same time!! xo

    May 15, 2015 • 8:29 pm •
  2. Livingston Jane

    You have zero concept of the real world and zero respect for yourself your children and husband. You make yourself sound like you work 24 hours a day. All you do is probably pack snacks and eat them the entire day. . You would be doing poor Greg a favor if you went off with someone else. Than he can meet someone who is not a psycho mom like you. Do the fine people of Livingston a favor and close this awful blog. Your pathetic! 

    May 16, 2015 • 7:35 pm •
  3. Alison

    The person who wrote the comment above mine is clearly jealous of your marruage to Greg!! Maybe she wants him to herself? Your article is awesome and on point. It’s pretty clear the woman above doesn’t know the first thing about sleepaway camp! And so what if you pack snacks all day and eat them, at least you are not a miserable human like miss Livingston Jane!!! And btw Jane maybe you should take a class on spelling and concern yourself more with your spelling not insulting a stranger! YOU’RE PATHETIC and by writing YOUR pathetic also shows you are a complete moron!!

    May 17, 2015 • 9:03 am •
  4. Jen C

    @livingstonjane Wow. You are definitely someone who knows Amy personally and is EXTREMELY jealous of her. I feel so sorry for you that you are sitting at home taking time out to write such a venomous comment to someone who is an awesome writer and person and has the courage to put it all out there…and you are spending your time bashing her. At least she is doing something constructive with her life. Not only is she an awesome mom to two children, awesome wife, and incredible friend. You are sitting at home hating your life and most likely hating yourself so you are HATING that amy has it all. Do yourself a favor and don’t read her blog. You will be happier if you don’t. Because it won’t be a constant reminder that YOU are not her. And will never be her.

    Amy, thanks for the awesome piece. As moms we can all relate. And go you for the bravery to not give a shit what others think. That’s one of the gifts that comes with being 40!

    May 17, 2015 • 11:32 am •
  5. My jaw dropped when I saw the comment after mine. What is the point of such negativity? and lies? Do not read Amy’s blog if she and it upset you so much. Life is too short. 

    May 17, 2015 • 2:17 pm •
  6. Alison

    @livingstonjane why don’t you do something constructive with your time?? How about volunteer at a hospital, a shelter??? What are your credentials besides the very obvious of either being single or left by your husband for being the miserable wench you so obviously are?? What makes it a bad sleepaway camp? Clearly you never went to one or have any experience with them, as you would know there is no such thing as a bad sleepaway camp. Lastly, she didn’t say she was “happy” they were leaving, she stated a fact which was “they are leaving” and she discussed what she would do with all her free time. She wasn’t gloating, she was just bringing to light a common conversation that you clearly aren’t privy to…as you clearly do not live in Livingston, clearly are not married, clearly do not have kids, and clearly are quite miserable!

    May 17, 2015 • 7:08 pm •
  7. Stephanie S.

    You sound obsessed with Amy “Livingston Jane.” Why don’t you take a picture. It will last longer. (wink, wink)

    May 17, 2015 • 7:49 pm •
  8. Livingston Jane

    Thank you for your reply. I am Livingston Jane. I have done  nothing but express my opinion on this blog. 

    May 17, 2015 • 11:00 pm •
  9. Livingston Jane

    Thank you so much for replying on my blog Alison. Just because Amy sends her kids to her camp it does not mean you have to agree with her. I see now. You are also Amy’s puppet. Livingston parents send there kids to camp so they can get rid of them for the summer so they can not have responsibility. Amy is the perfect example of that. Read her 43 days left till camp post. Livingston wives are so foolish at times. They cannot see anything what goes on in front of them. Now you and Amy go off get the kids ready to school and go to the mall and say what busy lives you have. Thank you for your comments. 

    May 18, 2015 • 7:07 am •
  10. Alison

    @livingstonjane why do you keep referring to it as “your blog” Why don’t you answer that first and foremost. What about this makes it “your blog” besides your hallucinations. I am far from her puppet I have never met her nor would I know her if I fell over her. A friend sent me her article about sleepaway camp and I read it and the comments and was shocked to see somebody as nasty as you. Once again, it is THEIR kids, not THERE kids. Did you get an education or did you ignore that while obsessing over everything and everybody else. Your comments make zero sense and add zero contribution to society…pretty much like you. Why don’t you make better use of your time…either go back to school or volunteer?? And you have made it very clear you are not a livingston mother…you refer to Livingston people in the 3rd person…I’m assuming you don’t know what that means since you can’t even spell. Sleepaway camp is a privilege not all can afford…why don’t you google “the benefits of sleepaway camp” and then make an intelligent justified statement. Why don’t you read up on the matter before you make yourself sound more idiotic as you do with every post. And just for the record I live in NYC, run a company and went to sleepaway camp. My children have chosen not to as we live in the hamptons during summer and they prefer to surf. I’m thrilled to have them home just as I would be thrilled if they chose to go and have a wonderful summer! Read up INSANE JANE and before you answer anything…please just let me know first how this is “your blog” 

    May 18, 2015 • 9:01 am •
  11. Livingston Jane

    Thank you so much to replying to my blog. It is my blog because you are replying to it. Lu lu and Lattes has become Livingston Jane’s blog. Thank you. I am sure your Manhattan company is really successful and you can fund your own Hamptons house. Like Amy you try to make yourself feel important. Your husband probably funds the company so you feel useful. How can you run a company while your children surf at your mansion?  LMAO!! HE HE. Your husband probably feels guilty because he is making love to a younger woman all summer long.  You see I Livingston Jane have it all. While you Amy’s puppet have deep issues and guilt on shipping off your children so you can do nothing. Now go back to your so called company and have a wonderful day. Thank you again for replying to my blog and responding to my opinions on your issues. I am sure you will discuss this in your weekly couch session. Your new name is Amy’s puppet. 

    May 18, 2015 • 9:19 am •
  12. Alison

    @luluandlattes my best friend sent me your article and I loved it! I read it and decided to look at the comments  and was floored by some woman named Jane!  I’m sure you weren’t very concerned anyway but after communicating with her it is quite clear she is not one thing she says! She’s most definitely not from Livingston and she is so very far from happy. In fact she is the saddest person I have ever encountered! She clearly was cheated on since that is what she is so obsessed with, and clearly has no financial stability since that’s another obsession. She can’t even spell properly and thinks this blog is now hers. She reminds me of single white female! But hey since out husbands are out there having affairs, and I’m your puppet…do you want to come live at my hamptons mansion with me this summer?? It’s evident this idiot doesn’t know the first thing about marriage motherhood or camp!! She also clearly isn’t in the work force since anybody knows you can do anything remotely now with computers Skype FaceTime emails etc!  This was incredible entertainment but I’m about to hop on a plane to Cannes for the film festival with my cheating husband and neglected children! You have to feel bad for this human, as they were clearly raised in a neglectful unloving home to be so miserable! Hurt people hurt people…happy girls lift each other up…so cheers to you, your awesome life, your amazing blog, what I’m sure is a handsome husband and beautiful children!! I hope we get to meet one day…until then I’ll be your devoted puppet! 

    May 18, 2015 • 9:31 am •
  13. Livingston Jane

    Thank you so much for your time and effort. Safe travels!

    May 18, 2015 • 9:43 am •
  14. Alison

    @livingstonjane NO THANK YOU FOR REMINDING US HOW VERY BLESSED AND LUCKY WE ARE, as we could be like you!! Cannes is in France which I’m sure you aren’t quite sure where it is, being the uneducated, delusional waste of space you are. Oh and the real tip off…us classy gals don’t do malls…you will find me strolling Madison Avenue with my money and my hubby! Enjoy your life alone! We will enjoy our lives while you cringe with jealousy 

    May 18, 2015 • 9:59 am •
  15. Stacey

    @livingstonjane as one of Amy’s good friends, you don’t know me so don’t make comments about people you don’t know. I am not shallow as you stated above. I work full-time so my kids can go to camp where I met my husband and my life long best friends. She is an amazing mother, wife and friend. She doesn’t spend her days at the malls. She spends her days doing stuff for her family. She likes nice stuff and she shares it. You are so jealous. It’s pathetic and transparent. If you’re not, state who you are….. I thought so. You are hater! Get over yourself before you pass judgement on people you don’t know.

    May 18, 2015 • 12:28 pm •
  16. Livingston Jane

    I apologize for the disruption to your blog. I will not comment on your blog ever again. A fresh start is needed so feel free to erase the comments. Good luck. 

    May 18, 2015 • 1:17 pm •
  17. Stephanie

    Don’t hide livingston Jane. Tell us who you are. Show your face. Your first and last name. Don’t hide behind a screen name and bully people. If you are gonna talk shit tell us who you are hot shot. Otherwise you we a pathetic bully setting a terrible tone for your children. You think camp is bad? Try the example you are setting to your children by bullying someone anonymously online. 

    May 18, 2015 • 2:11 pm •
  18. Stephanie

    @alison we should rename her LIVINGSTON FELICIA

    May 18, 2015 • 4:04 pm •
  19. Alison

    @stephanie I’m just curious if she is “speaking on behalf of many people” how come not one came to her defense and supported her opinions! Everybody came to Amy’s defense! Not to mention she sold herself out in her comment “all these Livingston moms” wait i thought you were one!! Hmmmm @livingstonjane 

    May 19, 2015 • 8:06 am •
  20. Samantha

    I actually thought the article was spot on! Enjoy the 7 weeks of quiet time for yourself (and hubs).. re-group and regenerate for the fall. Stay at home moms, who also work from home, never get a true vacation… take pleasure in the slower pace of summer and know that your kids will be back in 49 days!! It happens faster than you think!! 

    May 22, 2015 • 3:53 am •
  21. Liz

    Great article! Thanks for giving women the permission to regroup and recharge during the summer, without feeling guilty.
    Being the on call mom is a hard habit to break and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating some freedom when the kids are away. It is definitely a 180 to put ourselves first but I am going to try this summer!
    Why should they have all the fun?

    May 31, 2015 • 5:00 am •