Nike’s, Discontinued???

Do you obsess about things like I do? Like I will see a bracelet on some random girl, ask her where she got it and literally stalk the planet until I find it. And I mean STALK! So a month ago I saw these Nike kicks that I fell head over heels for (no pun intended). I found them on Zappos and put myself on the waiting list because they were sold out in my size. Normally when I do this, I get an email notification in my inbox that the shoes I have been waiting for are back in stock (#bestfeelingever). Unfortunately, after two weeks the email never came. I went back online to see if they were still there and lo and behold the sneakers were GONE (discontinued) only to be replaced by its updated version which I hate. They fucking put glitter in the swoosh. Ew. Who wants glitter on their shoes? I am not Dorothy and I hate glitter. Period.

So I decided to go on a massive shoe hunt on the internet. The ONLY place I found the sneakers were on two websites. The first one didn’t have my size. The second one was in Europe. I then decided to check EBAY. Wouldn’t you know they had the sneakers brand new but ONLY in a size 7. I am a true 6.5.  I had to make a decision. Do I buy the 1/2 size bigger OR buy them in my size in Europe from an unknown website and pray I don’t get scammed? What would you do? Probably what I didn’t do.

Well I thought about it, contemplated it, walked away, sat back down and thought I can’t buy shoes that are a 1/2 size too big because I will never wear them (even though I never tried them on and I have no clue whether or not they run true to size). After all that, I put in my credit card, bought them on this shady site, paid a boat load in shipping (no idea how much because it was in Euros) and am praying they show up at my doorstep.


I will keep you posted. You know they won’t fit, it will be $100 to send them back and I will be shit out of luck. #storyofmylife


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  1. Nikki

    im the exact same way and I would be even more annoyed because once I want them I want them now!!! Ugh the wait. 

    On a positive note – you’re suppose to buy sneakers a half size big because when you work out your feet swell. I’m a true 6.5 in shoes too but always by 7 for my running sneakers.

    Fingers crossed!!

    April 2, 2015 • 7:29 am •