It’s 3am with Amy Selling – Friday, March 13th, 2015

Leave it to me- I have to leave in 3 hours to catch a 7am flight to LA  and of course I am up. Gd forbid I could sleep until my alarm is supposed to go off. Now my day is going to be total shit. Speaking of alarms, here are my thoughts:

1. Did you know the new Apple Watch has a function where you can set your alarm to wake up at the crack and then set it to vibrate so there is no sound, just a vibration on your wrist?  Brilliant! This is the only reason I need to buy this watch.

applwatch2. Is there such thing as Dog Camp? I was thinking how amazing this summer is going to be with both kids at camp and realized I still have the fucking dog. Do you think Cedar will take the dog with the kids? I am assuming maybe for $10k. lol

3.  Did you hear Madonna on Howard this week? Um, did her British accent magically disappear?


4. I am starting to panic about the Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift situation. I have asked around and this seems to be the rule of thumb. Do you AGREE OR DISAGREE? I would love your input!


-If your child is invited without parents, $36

-If your child is invited without parents and not such a friend, $18

-If your child is a camp friend, $54 (would love to know why, lol)

-If your child is invited but can’t go but still a good friend, $36

-If your child is  invited but can’t go and not such good friends, $18

-If you child is invited but can’t go and the kid being Bar/Bat Mitzva’d is the most random friend in the world – like no friendship at all, skip on the gift (hmm)

-If your entire family is invited and these are AMAZING friends, $360

-If your entire family is invited and these are friends but not BFF, $236-300

-If you and your spouse is invited and no kids, $218-$236


5.  I have no idea why Bethany Frankel is making her own stevia. Are you buying it? The Trader Joe’s Stevia packets are the bomb. Why in the world do we need Skinny Girl Stevia? #deepthoughts


6. This past week I decided to put some Burberry coats on Livingston Swap and Millburn Swap. I am happy I sold a few of them because I am saving to buy this sucker:

fringebag But I need to understand the people who put on a pair of kids shorts from 10 years ago for $5. Like can’t you just give them away? But more importantly who is coming to your house to buy the $5 shorts from 10 years ago. You could go to Old Navy and buy that same shorts new for $3 more. Look I am careful about everyone’s budget. Most of us have them. But the $5 shorts from 10 years ago I will never get.

7. Does everyone have a podcast now? I think so. Like I have been following this one food account on instagram for awhile and today they announced they now have a podcast called Burnt Toast.  What exactly is Burnt Toast going to talk about? Waffles and Ice Cream. I don’t think I can listen because I will be starving after 10 minutes. Thank you anyway.

8. I have a rule with my blog. If you want to subscribe, you will. I won’t find your email address and add you to my list. EVER. If you like what I write than I have faith you will subscribe. In the past 3 weeks, I have “subscribed” to about 10 blogs without me doing so. I can’t tell you how much it annoys the fuck out of me. Like isn’t it up to me if I want to receive your blog in my inbox? I believe so. Therefore, I am asking you nicely, please do not subscribe me to your blog, your newsletter, your whatever. If you want to talk, let’s. I promise I am super nice and easy to approach but PLEASE do not add me on the sly. I wouldn’t do it to you. Thank you. Glad that is off my chest.

9. I can’t believe it is almost time to pick up the camp blogs!! Both kids away this summer..I may be writing everyday!

10. Badussy – best word ever uttered in the history of the Urban Dictionary. Season 4, episode 6, Girls. Shoshanna comments, “This smells like Badussy”(ba-doo-see).  aka: Butt dick pussy. amazing.

11. Since when is Kathy Griffin quitting the Fashion Police breaking news?

12. OMG it is 4:45. I am supposed to wake up in 45 minutes. I am signing off. Maybe I will have juicy plane gossip. Maybe Adam Levine will be on my flight. Maybe I should wake up now.

adam levine 3



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  1. Re bar mitzvah gifts, I agree with all, except the camp friends. We gave (and got) $54 to close camp friends, and $36 to not-as-close camp friends; same as other friends.

    March 13, 2015 • 9:32 am •
  2. Amy

    Thanks Amy! good to know! 

    March 13, 2015 • 5:09 pm •
  3. Anonymous

    I agree with all but if your child goes (without parentss) and even if it isn’t a close friend you still give $36. I’ve gone through this 3 yrs ago and is going through BM year again now and it’s been the same.

    March 13, 2015 • 10:49 pm •
  4. pamb

    I guess here’s a reason to be glad to live in the Midwest! We’d go broke giving $236-360 for all our friend’s kids! Some of my parents’ friends gave $200 and I considered that generous. Most of our friends gave in the $150 range or gave jewelry (it was a Bat Mitzvah). The whole kids’ gift part seems to be the same here.

    And you guys keep gift lists, so you know how much to give for the second and third child, right? 🙂 

    March 13, 2015 • 11:31 pm •