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Parker had been begging me since June for his birthday party to be at Sky Zone. Every day he would come home from camp and ask me if I booked the party yet and every day I would say, “No, not yet.” It wasn’t because I didn’t want to him to have it there I just did not think it was necessary to book an 8 year-old birthday party in June when his actual birthday is in January. I couldn’t take it anymore and finally just called in August. Well lo and behold, it was a good thing I called because, according to the owner, ever since they opened people have been booking parties WAY in advance. It would have been a shit show had I been unable to book it on his birthday weekend. Heaven forbid. So thankfully I listened to the 8 year-old and called extremely early.

Parked wanted to invite 300 kids to his party. His soccer team, his camp group, his classroom, the kid he met at Toy “R’ Us. He wanted an all out jam. I wasn’t sure because Sky Zone was the cheapest party around but I tried to figure out if I bought all the pizza, paper goods, drinks, and tablecloths it would probably come out to the same. (Sky Zone provides all of it except dessert). Also you are not allowed to bring in ANY food (snacks, etc) which is another thing I was saving money on.

Sky Zone has 3 packages…

The Jump Around Package – open jump for 60 minutes, minimum of 10 jumpers ($30 peak, $25 non peak)

The Super Jump Package 30 minutes of private court and 30 minutes of open jump, minimum of 15 jumpers ($35 peak, $30 non peak)

The Ultimate Air Package – 60 minutes of private court, minimum o f 15 jumpers. ($40 peak, $35 non peak)

*peak time include Fridays, Saturday, Sundays as well as any day that schools are closed.

I picked the middle guy –  Super Jump package. This way the kids had 30 minutes to play as a party together and then 30 minutes to do what they wanted. It seemed to work out perfectly!!  The day of the party it was FREEZING. Like zero degrees. It was the perfect day to jump up and get down. 911 is a joke in your town. (sorry had to say it)

Sky Zone has the most organized party check in ever. A designated computer was set up in the front for “Parker’s Party.” The kids signed in as they arrived and were given a pair of jumping socks.

sky zone socks

They took off their shoes & coats and placed them in a shopping cart (which eventually was moved to the party room in a closet). Once 95% of the party checked in (it was now 11am – the start time). All of the kids were brought into a private court. The kids played an ultimate game of Dodgeball:



This went on for a half hour and then they were free to go where they chose. Parker was off to dunk hoops.



Kids (or actually adults) were loving the pit!


I think the kids loved dodgeball so much they all gathered back to the court.


When the hour was up, it was time to eat pizza and cake. They made an announcement over the loud-speaker and all of the kids trekked upstairs to eat. My older son, Zach, was such a fan of the pizza he asked the staff where they got it from. Gencarellis. Never been but the kids loved it! I can’t tell you off-hand because you know…21 days, no pizza, no booze (okay well I had a glass of wine here and there :))

Parker only wanted ice cream cake from Carvel. I didn’t really want to deal with cutting an ice cream cake for thirty kids but then a friend of mine told me that Carvel store in West Caldwell makes a pull apart ice cream cake. You know the Shoprite cupcake cake where it is one cake but you can pull it apart so each kid gets an individual cupcake. Well Carvel does this in a dixie cup form. IT IS BRILLIANT!!!!  I have no idea what happened to my camera but here is a very blurry picture. Maybe you can make it out…


I have to tell you, it made it so easy to give each kid dessert.

We sang Happy Birthday, parents came and it was a wrap. Easiest birthday party ever! I literally did nothing…

I should also point out what I loved about Sky Zone (besides that every single kid loves it there) is how contained and organized it is. There were several staff members who helped facilitate the party. Also there is a staff member who stands by the stairs to insure no kids leave.

Parker’s favorite party by far and mine too!


Sky Zone.60 Chapin Road. Pinebrook, NJ 07058. 973-396-4001 

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  1. pamb

    We’ve been going to SkyZone for years (I live in the Midwest) but over last summer, a neighbor introduced me to the best thing EVER. SkyZone has a ‘Frequent Flyer’ program, where it is around $30 for one hour of jumping every day for a month. My neighbor and another friend signed up their boys for two hours of jumping a day (so I did, too), and between the three of us someone dropped off or picked up at least 4 days a week in the month of August. Basically, if you’re jumping more than twice a month, it’s a good deal. I’ll definitely do that again this summer.

    My son had his 11th birthday party there as well. I had considered just paying for jumping and taking all of the kids back to my house for pizza and cake, but by the time we would have gotten the cars co-ordinated and had Domino’s deliver, it was just as cheap to have it there. And my house wasn’t wrecked!

    January 15, 2015 • 3:37 pm •