It’s 3am…August 16, 2014

It’s 3am. I am staring at the clock wondering why this happens to me. Greg is in Maine at father son weekend. I have this entire bed to myself and I can’t sleep. WTF.

These are my thoughts

1) Zach is coming home tonight. I can’t wait. 7 weeks is long enough. I wonder if he will come home with new slang,  I wonder if he will sleep on the couch for a week or want to do a million things since he doesn’t really love to chill. I wonder if he is going to kill me for booking 200 appointments before we leave for vaca.

2) I am so happy I don’t let Griffin, the dog, sleep in my room. He fully snores.

3) Thank you for NOT nominating me for the ALS bucket challenge. I gladly wrote a check. The thought of pouring water on my head and then dealing with having to dry it was not so exciting to me. Not to sound shallow, but the hair situation is a problem.

4) A shout out to the guy in the Silver Range Rover that I drive pass twice a week in the afternoon on Hobart Gap. I feel like you want to wave or say hi, so HI. Wave next time.

5) Is it gross that I LOVE hard-boiled eggs? I get so excited for 10am to roll around so I can pop 2 in my  mouth…that’s how many I can have according to Mr. Trainer.

6) As you know, I listen to Howard every single day. I am so used to his delivery, his guests, and all the crazy shit that goes on during the show but I somehow still can’t get used to being in a public place listening to a few of his guests. Even when I am in my car, I feel like people can hear him. Let me give you an example. Yesterday I was listening and Adriana Chechik was on. No idea who that is? She’s a porn star.

alanaAnyhooo, I am driving and listening and the interview is just getting dirtier and dirtier. Basically to the point I am like I know I need to turn this off as I am staring at the 70 year-old woman driving next to me on Route 10. But I can’t stop. Not because I am so into porn stars but I am fascinated and a little horrified by what these girls do and allow. Like it’s a whole new education for me. I still have no idea what a bottom feeder is…do you? and Splooshing?? Mac and cheese in the vag? Really? EW.

7) Still upset about Robin Williams….feel like part of my childhood was taken away. It’s just so so sad.

8) Just bought this bracelet a minute ago on Etsy to support Israel, felt like it was the right thing to do…All the proceeds go to the Israel Emergency Campaign. Feeling like the tribe needs to stick together….(click here to see it)


9) Is it a problem that my 7 year-old is OBSESSED with WWE?  He knows every wrestler, every move and thrashes around my house like he is John Cena. Is this going to be a problem in the future?

10) Yesterday I was in Starbucks, go figure, and I ordered my usual – vente unsweetented iced green tea. There was a girl in front of me who was pretty slim, good body, about my age. She ordered a tall caramel latte. I was dying to ask her if she orders this drink everyday. I literally had to give up my tall soy lattes kicking and screaming because Mr. Trainer told me they must go. It’s so unfair that this girl can drink the latte, not think twice and not gain any weight. I, on the other hand, drink a soy latte and gain weight. Espresso and soy milk creates fat in my body. How that is possible is beyond me.

11) Huge props to one of my best friends, Jena, for pulling off the Selfie prank in Central Park and making Time and CNN this week! Amaze balls!

12) Why is it October outside? I am telling you right now if we have a winter like last year, I may have a breakdown.

13) Speaking of breakdowns, Dancing on Broken Glass is getting so good. Did you read this book yet?

14) So ready to go away…

Love this video (Quogue is not the fucking Hamptons, lol)



p.s Anybody want to do the 21 day fix with me when we all get back from vacation starting in September? Please private message me on facebook and I will create a private Facebook group for the diet with meal plans etc and we can all see what we lose together. You have to be serious though, no screwing around! We all have to hold each other accountable! I know these next two weeks are going out the window… although I will try…



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  1. Oh my goodness, your brain travels at the speed of light in the middle of the night!  Maybe you need some pre-slumber yoga and a pad next to your bed to empty out your head 😉  Hope you get some sleep tonight!

    August 16, 2014 • 9:05 am •
  2. Katie

    OMG I think things like #10 all the time. HOW CAN YOU DRINK THAT UGH I HATE YOU. 

    August 16, 2014 • 2:12 pm •