3am with Amy Selling – May 31st

It’s 3am – instead of this fox screaming, I have the parrot jungle outside of my window or maybe 30 hummingbirds. When I moved from the city to the suburbs I didn’t realize I was moving to the zoo.

These are my thoughts:


  1. First thing I did was check Facebook at 3am, not sure why, it’s just habit. You know that option on Facebook that suggests you “like people you may know?” I scrolled through it. Funny thing is I do know so many of those people, but half of them are people I met once.  Like maybe I met them through a friend  and we shared a few words and that is it. What happens when I friend them on Facebook? Are they like “ugh, do I have to accept her? who is she? we do have 78 people in common but we have never spoken, why are we going to be fake friends?”  I have this person who I have been debating friending for a year. She constantly comes up in my “people you may know” column but I would love to know if I come up in hers? If so, is she thinking the same thing OR is she thinking I am never friending that chick. When is it acceptable to “friend” someone on Facebook who you don’t really know but Facebook suggests you do? Also don’t you find there is so much pressure when a person friends you on Facebook that you do not really know to accept them? I have a list of people I have not accepted yet but the names are so weird. Like one person is “Dadung”. Who the hell is Dadung and what made him friend me? Was I on his suggested list of people he knows?
  2. Sometimes I play this game in my mind : I see someone walking outside of a store and I guess which car in the parking lot belongs to them. For example, I can guess the girl walking to the Lexus Truck, the guy walking to the Audi station wagon, the 80-year-old walking to the Buick (terrible I know). I mostly guess right. It is the dumbest game but I always play it. Yesterday, I left Shop Rite and there was a really good-looking guy dressed in jeans, tee-shirt, blazer, and kicks, around my age.  I DEFINITELY thought he was walking to the new black Range Rover at the end of the row. Nope, he got into a red jeep Cherokee. I lost. (also was annoyed he bought a red car – I hate red). Do you play this stupid game or is this just my insane mind game?
  3. Another thing about yesterday. Parker had his school show which was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was an hour-long and all of the kids did an amazing job. It ended and all of the kids had to walk off the stage passed the parents to exit. I was in the front row to the right. The front row to the left  unbeknownst to all of the other parents in the room brought their kids lollipops. Now you can see WHY this would not go over so well, right? 5-8 kids got these adorable lollipops as they walked back to their classrooms and the rest of 1st grade did not. I wish the parents who gave out the lollipops sent out a memo to the all of the other  parents to give them a heads up. I know had to tell Parker that he could have a special treat after school so he didn’t feel so bad he wasn’t one of the lucky kids who received a lollipop. I didn’t realize it was a dance recital. Ugh.
  4. Have you played the game 2048 yet? Don’t! Could be the most addicting game I have ever downloaded. Although it is a great game to kill time waiting in a doctor’s office!

2048game       5.  Have you heard that song “Silver Lining”? It is really good but who names their band “First Aid Kit?”

6.  Speaking of songs, I was in the car the other day and this song comes on the radio which I have NEVER heard before and both kids start belting it  out.  “You know what to do with that big fat butt Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,  Wiggle, wiggle,  Just a little bittle”.                            Let me introduce to your kids new favorite song by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg. This video should sum it up:

I was like where did you hear this song??? A friend, mom! Oh jeez. I hope they have NOT seen the video!

7.  I think I am bringing a puppy home in the next weeks. I am not prepared to have another child or one tear up my house. We had a dog, he died at 5 and the kids have been begging for 5 years for another. I have lost this battle and it’s coming. Dog walker? trainer?                 vet? local peeps – suggestions!  HELP!  P.S my kids DO NOT KNOW so if you are reading this and you know my kids, do not say anything! Thank you 🙂


8.  Compliments had their final sale yesterday before they pack it in for the summer. MOB SCENE!! I will tell you this, if you want Livingston people to show up somewhere, sell some great stuff, cheap. The whole town will come. Stacey is a great buyer. I love that                       store. I wonder if  there is anything left!

9. Three games today and a 40th Birthday. It is 6:10am, doubtful I will fall back to sleep but I will try. Funny, people ask me do I “REALLY” write this at  3am. Of course. I DO NOT SLEEP!

Happy Saturday.

Father’s Day Gift Guide is in the works…




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  1. pamb

    re: Facebook: I don’t friend anyone I don’t personally know. In my definirion, ‘know’ means a jolt of recognition when you see the person’s name or face pop up. So, anyone I kinda, sorta had a conversation with one time doesn’t get friended. If they want to friend me, I will accept, but I’m not going out of my way to add new people that I don’t know. Why read the News Feeds of someone you barely know?
    re: those parents with the lollypops? WTF? Take your kid out for ice cream or have a treat at home, but don’t rub it in everyone’s face that your child is such a special snowflake they can have a treat as soon as they get off the stage. Sounds like a group of parents got together to show everyone they are a ‘team’.
    re: the ‘wiggle’ song: I heard it yesterday for the first time. I told my kids it will be the last time! You’ve gotta draw the line somewhere… I’m sure they’ll hear it with friends, but not with me.

    May 31, 2014 • 9:14 am •
  2. Tamara

    just so you know…you will never get the lollipop memo. it is a plot. 3 mommies organize it so everyone else feels bad. if you don’t believe me, just look over at their faces the next time it happens. and i don’t suggest friending them on facebook, lol!

    May 31, 2014 • 2:15 pm •
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