Spring is in the air!

It has been a BRUTAL winter. I know I am not the only one who is awaiting a week full of 70 degrees and sun. Last week I decided it was time to get into spring mode. I went for a facial and a body scrub to remove all the dry skin that has built up over the horrific winter. I normally go to a woman I love in Montclair for my facials but 3 separate people told me I had to try this woman Shanaaz at Lash House. I am so particular about facials because the extraction thing is torture and I want to make sure the products they are using on my face are safe. Shanaaz was amazing! She is a pretty South African woman who really knows a lot about your skin. Not only did she know exactly what my face needed but with careful inspection she put together the perfect remedy for my winter skin. I walked out glowing! By the way, if you go make sure she makes you her special tea when you leave. It was the best tea I ever had in my life (the secret was agave but it was out of this world!) I actually went back in the next day to inspect the box of chamomile tea.

After my facial, I went to see Minerva at Lash House for the sugar scrub. The sugar scrub was a major necessity. I usually use the Sugar Scrub from Beautycounter which I LOVE but they are currently sold out (ah!) so I decided to have it done professionally.


What I loved about the sugar scrub at Lash House was the feeling of sitting in a heated bed while the application was performed. Also the hot towels that removed the scrub on each extremity felt amazing. The towel warmer could be one of my favorite inventions ever. I have this thought every time I am at a salon that I need to own one of these machines but truthfully I know I will never use it. Although I will say the heated floor in my bathroom is something I use everyday. One of the best investments! Now if I can convince Greg we need that in the kitchen, lol.  TAIJI5

Face rejuvenated, dead skin cells off, Shanaaz and Minerva have gave me the refresh I needed for spring. Spring means new clothes, new shoes, new bags, new EVERYTHING. However, the thing I look forward to most in spring is workout pants and flip flops. It is basically my uniform for the week. I have been trying to branch out of lulu. It has been extremely hard but I know there are other hot yoga pants out there! So I began to look and guess what?

I found a line I LOVE!

Koral Activewear – have you seen this line yet? UM, FAB!!!! (FYI – they are not paying me to write this, they don’t even know I found them)

I am all over these metallic pants!


and this little number?!  LOVE! Definitely need to wear a shirt over that sports bra (I do, anyway, but super cute!)


and these pants!!


Cutest workout clothes ever, right? I guarantee this line explodes in a year from now. I am so all over Nordstrom’s tomorrow. Since the line is based out of LA,  I have only found it at Nordstrom’s and Shopbop BUT I am going to LA in two weeks so who knows what I will come back with!

By the way, lots of great posts this month – Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Spring Must Have’s, Spring Cleanse, etc!

Off to Miami for a short weekend! Back soon…..


p.s Any GREAT book recommendations??!! (nothing trashy, lol)

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  1. Tamara

    another great workout line is split 59…super cute. (a little $$$) back in the mainstream, athleta has been putting out some pretty groovy stuff lately. i love margarita (the line with the daisy logo on the back) but they are a little low cut on the hips.

    April 2, 2014 • 7:00 am •