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So a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported and responded so nicely to my last article. “The Running with the Jews”. I think I will forever now be called the girl who wrote “The Running with the Jews”. As we all know it was meant to be funny, AS I AM JEWISH, and poking fun at ourselves is not the same as persecution. Enough on that.

I had an idea, don’t laugh. I thought it would be awesome if everyone who LAUGHED AND/OR CRIED reading my article could take a picture this weekend and next (as visiting day is in the next two weekends) and send them to me at [email protected]

I will put together an entire collage, article, etc of everyone’s trips to visiting day. The funnier the better! (Even if you want to video). I do not care what camp it is as that is not important. I would love to write a follow up to the visiting days of 2013!

A funny picture from your child’s bunk, a crazy food package, etc. Anything you think is good material!

Also since this is my first visiting day, I have asked a lot of people what to bring??

These are things that I have been told

1) Color War Items


2) Stamps – you can go all the way and design your own at Zazzle! ($23.50 for a book for 20)

stamp3) Books



THE THREAD: great book about “four best camp friends, at the start of their freshman year of high school, invite you to read over their shoulders as they chat their way from September to June on one touching, funny and drama-filled Facebook thread.  MEET CAMERON, TALIA, EMMA AND SABRINA CAMERON: Fiercely independent, Cameron lives with her mom in New York City where she begins one of the city’s most prestigious and pressured public schools. TALIA: Also a city girl, artsy and pragmatic Talia navigates her way through her Manhattan Prep school and her spot as a middle child in her close but sometimes trying family. EMMA: Flirty but not fickle, Emma takes her Boston all-girls school and its all-boy counterpart by storm. SABRINA: Spirited and athletic, Sabrina is as rah- rah as the suburban town she lives in”. (quoted from Amazon)



THE LEMONADE WAR: This is on the list for “Best of Books 2013” and won a ton of awards. “Fourth-grader Evan Treski is people-smart. He’s good at talking with people, even grownups. His younger sister, Jessie, on the other hand, is math-smart, but not especially good with people. So when the siblings’ lemonade stand war begins, there really is no telling who will win—or even if their fight will ever end. Brimming with savvy marketing tips for making money at any business, definitions of business terms, charts, diagrams, and even math problems, this fresh, funny, emotionally charged novel subtly explores how arguments can escalate beyond anyone’s intent.” (quoted from amazon).



ESCAPE FROM MR : This book is also on Amazon List of Best Books for Kids 2013. “Kyle Keeley is the class clown, popular with most kids, (if not the teachers), and an ardent fan of all games: board games, word games, and particularly video games. His hero, Luigi Lemoncello, the most notorious and creative gamemaker in the world, just so happens to be the genius behind the building of the new town library.
Lucky Kyle wins a coveted spot to be one of the first 12 kids in the library for an overnight of fun, food, and lots and lots of games. But when morning comes, the doors remain locked. Kyle and the other winners must solve every clue and every secret puzzle to find the hidden escape route. And the stakes are very high.
In this cross between Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and A Night in the Museum, Agatha Award winner Chris Grabenstein uses rib-tickling humor to create the perfect tale for his quirky characters. Old fans and new readers will become enthralled with the crafty twists and turns of this ultimate library experience.” (quoted from Amazon)


4) Cookie Cake for the Bunk or Treats for the bunk!




I found these on EBK CREATIONS.  Elizabeth, owner of EBK,  was so awesome she was willing to give out a free cookie cake to my followers! I think whoever sends me the funniest picture will get a free cookie cake for their next event. (She does them for everything, not just camp!). You can also order them from ShopRite! 

Also cookies!! I am not sure who makes them. I am guessing Eleni’s. (I writing an entire article on Eleni’s cookies which will be up tomorrow! Love them!!)



(Funny here is Vega again, I swear I don’t know anybody who goes there! LOL)

Also candy! I have seen it all, I swear.



This is from Candy Creations by Melissa…For all my friends who are going to visiting day next weekend. If you (like me on facebook and subscribe to my blog) shoot me an email at [email protected] with the title “CANDY”. I will put all your names in a hat and pick out the winner so one of you lucky people can bring up an entire candy basket to your child’s bunk! All entries must be in by Monday. YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER!


The candy bunk is by a company called “Covered in Candy”.  This retails for $90. Very cute for the whole bunk!




Or you can go all the way and get the TOWER from ” Princessories”The cones in come in a variety of flavors. Super cute! You can also call Lester’s! I know they sell them as well!!


OH AND FOR ALL THE LOOMERS! (I have boys that do not loom so I am skipping this one but… a loom box?) (also from Princessories)


Okay that’s my wrap! Have the best visiting day! SEND ME ALL YOUR FUNNY PICS!!! It is going to be hilarious once I put this all together.

Stay in touch!



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  1. Covered In Candy can be found in Lester’s as well!!

    July 11, 2013 • 4:01 pm •
  2. Gigi S.

    I was going to say refills for the rainbow looms, but you got that one too. great ideas. Love all the candy.

    July 11, 2013 • 4:08 pm •
  3. Tamara

    I am a boy mom (and mine are much older) but I have just heard about charms for the rainbow looms. Books…really? Good for you! I’ve never seen anybody reading one of those at our camp…

    July 11, 2013 • 5:28 pm •
  4. Amy

    lol! I’m sure they don’t read books but I thought you never know plus this is my first year sending him … It was a suggestion to me 🙂 I’m sure Zach would laugh at me but worth a try!

    July 11, 2013 • 5:53 pm •
  5. merle

    Books if ur child is a reader…Fancy stamps NOT NECESSARY for boys! Color war items maybe paint for face and body…Never wasted money on that crap cause my boys could have cared less… Any kind of food always a great idea.

    July 11, 2013 • 8:56 pm •
  6. Rachel

    Already have the THREAD book and the COOKIE!! Feel like a pro!

    July 12, 2013 • 6:44 pm •
  7. Laura

    Okay, because of the photo you posted here of the tray of awesome camp cookies, I have literally spent my day trying to find somewhere in Toronto that could make me similar cookies for my children’s visiting day next week. Haven’t succeeded yet but I may be onto something with one cookie supplier. It was a beautiful sunny day and I spent it on the computer hunting down cookies. LOL

    July 12, 2013 • 9:51 pm •
  8. Love your posts! To add to your Visiting Day “things to bring” list … parents with campers at Maine sleepaway camps should bring used sneakers to donate. The Maine Camp Experience community of camps has partnered with Max Cure Foundation for “Dunk Your Kicks” to fight pediatric cancer. Donated sneakers raise money for the cause. Many camp families have already sent sneakers at the start of summer – we’d like even more. Here’s a post about how kick-off Dunk Your Kicks went … where campers were engaged, enthusiastic, proud and happy to participate: For more info families can contact their camp and/or Maine Camp Experience. thanks! Laurie, Maine Guide

    July 13, 2013 • 9:03 am •
  9. Amy

    I love that Laurie!!! Brilliant! Can’t wait for next weekend!

    July 13, 2013 • 9:39 am •
  10. Geralyn

    Great idea, Need to get Pennsylvania camps involved next summer

    July 14, 2013 • 5:04 pm •
  11. Amy

    Merle- lol… I’m not bringing any of it except home made cake balls, some color war stuff and envelopes ( he is out). These were just suggestions people had that other people bring. I was just spreading the word… Every camp is different. 4 more days!!!! Can’t wait!!!

    July 16, 2013 • 7:01 am •
  12. One year, we went to Camp Moshava for VD Day, and there were all these couples who were parading around wearing “I Met my Bashert at Camp Moshava” T-shirts.

    I thought this idea was better–mine would say, “I Did Something I’m Not Proud Of At Camp Moshava.”

    Maybe it could have a line for exactly where in the camp you committed your particular indiscretion. What do you think?

    July 23, 2013 • 4:23 pm •